Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea - review


Mario Badescu has a pretty good name when it comes to face mists. His original Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is a well-loved product in the beauty community and has been for years (I've reviewed it here), and this Cucumber/Green Tea version is his latest offering.

I think I prefer this one. I'm not the first person to have said this. Without being able to run a side-by-side comparison because I don't have the other one on-hand, I reckon this one feels more cooling and refreshing on the skin, and there's something addictive about it for this reason.

Still, they're both good products. Are they the most amazing facial sprays I've ever used? Well no. But they're decent and they don't cost much, so there's definitely a place for them in my collection.

Mario Badescu claims/product details:

  • A cooling facial mist that's infused with nutrient-rich botanicals
  • Hydrates, tones, and re-energises
  • Invigorates dull, tired skin with an infusion of cucumber and peppermint essential waters
  • Delivers a cooling boost of hydration while green tea provides powerful antioxidant protection, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised
  • RRP $9 AUD for 118ml


I think you'd be hard-pressed to find something this nice for less than $10 AUD. It's a good product anyway but the low price-point makes it even better.

It's a green-coloured mist that comes in a standard spray bottle. Unfortunately the mist itself isn't as fine as I would like, but thankfully this doesn't mean that it will leave little droplet-holes in your makeup (or at least, it's never done that to me).

I remember the rosewater version being quite soothing, but this one's even more cooling and soothing when applied. For this reason it's the perfect product to get you through warmer weather, and I reckon it'd be great to apply after a chemical peel or treatment because it really calms the skin down.

While it doesn't plump up the skin and reduce the look of lines like some mists can do, it does add a radiant, dewy finish that should suit those with dry or dull complexions. 

Having said this, I find that after I've sprayed it once, with any subsequent spray I start to look too shiny - and since I have dry skin and love a bit of radiance, if this is too much for me, then it may well be too much for those with oily skin. Yes you can powder it down afterwards, but of course I'd prefer to avoid that hassle.

Also, because it makes me look so glowy, it also tends to emphasise texture like open pores - just as anything that's too shiny would do. So I do prefer to powder over the top of this and while I can live with that, it would be better if I didn't have to do this.

As for product claims, it generally meets those and I absolutely agree that it hydrates, re-energises and refreshes the complexion. It's definitely a product that I'll keep on-hand for those hot summer days.

Overall, this is a great little mist and it's one I recommend. While it's not my HG facial mist (I still prefer my trusty Banana Boat, reviewed here), it's  up there and I reckon you'd struggle to find something this good for the price.


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