Skyn Iceland Winter Rehab Kit: A Complexion Intervention - unboxing


I've finished quite a few skincare products lately, so I felt it was time to open one of my kits. That way I can try new things without being tempted to buy something new. One of the reasons why I like to keep unopened products on hand for rainy days.

I chose this kit because I've had it the longest (I bought it in September last year), and also because it's starting to get colder now in Melbourne so it seemed like a good time to open something that's geared for cooler weather.

I don't know much about Skyn Iceland but something about the brand's aesthetic appeals to me and it's certainly not the most expensive range lining the shelves at Mecca, so if it ends up working for me, that can only be a good thing (much better than falling for Omorovicza, for example).

When this kit became available last year I had it on my wishlist for a while and then eventually bought it, because I figured it would be a good introduction to the range (it's also good value). Plus I like sets because you're not committing to one full size, which you mightn't like - you're getting a few different things in decent sizes so you can really try them and decide what works for you.

In the kit you get:

  • Glacial Face Wash (30ml)
  • Pure Cloud Cream (10ml)
  • Arctic Face Oil (30ml)
  • Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (2 pack)
  • Icelandic Relief Eye Pen (4ml)

I bought the set for $72 AUD and while it's still showing on Mecca's website, it's not currently available online. Perhaps you can still buy it in-store.

Apparently these products should target parched, dehydrated winter skin, and should also protect and restore skin to health during the harsh, cold winter months. It's described as a moisture-replenishing collection of dry skin saviours, which sounds like something I'll need!

Let's have a quick look at each item in turn.

Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash (RRP $44 AUD for 150ml)

Described as mild yet effective, this cleanser should help stressed out, blemish-prone complexions in need of a deep clean. Formulated with white willow bark, a naturally occurring form of salicylic acid, to banish breakouts and soothe irritation, icelandic kelp to fight inflammation and antioxidant-loaded cylindrica seed oil to prevent free radical damage and repair the skin's lipid barrier. 

I'm really looking forward to trying this. Apparently it foams a little but it's not one of those SLS-loaded cleansers that strips the skin. I'm getting rather bored of the cleansers I'm using so this will be a nice change.

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream (RRP $80 AUD for 50g)

This is described as a weightless, daily moisturising cream that works to hydrate, soothe and protect dry, sensitive skin. It's also designed to reverse the effects of extreme weather on the skin and fight against environmental stress. Plus it should rejuvenate and provide healing relief, and nourish the skin back to a healthy state.

I hadn't heard anything about this but it's had some rave reviews online so I'm really looking forward to trying it. The sample size is only 10ml but that should be enough to make a decision on whether it's worth the $80 outlay.

Skyn Iceland Arctic Oil (RRP $44 AUD for 30ml)

This is described as an anti-ageing omega face oil, formulated with natural ingredients to help smooth, revive and rejuvenate skin. It's nourishing and lightweight, designed to revitalise and repair even the most stressed skin. Formulated with 99.9% cold-pressed camelina oil, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it also soothes, calms and protects skin. 

This costs more than I would typically spend on a face oil (I reckon many oils do the same thing - regardless of their price), but I'm happy to use it and see how I go. It might take me a while to open it because I'm still finishing off another face oil, but as the weather gets cooler I tend to use oils more often so I'll open it soon enough.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen (RRP $28 AUD for 4ml)

This claims to offer fast relief in an easy-to-use, portable pen that works to combat eye issues associated with stress. It works to reduce the look of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles using a compilation of soothing nutrients and optical diffusers to brighten. Vitamin K helps to increase circulation and lighten dark circles, while orange peel reduces puffiness. Ideal for travel.

I like a handy little item like this so I'll be pleased to see how good it is. Sure, it isn't great value because you only get 4ml of product, but it will still take me a while to get through it and I'll be travelling with it to QLD in two weeks. Looking forward.

                                                                                                                                                           Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (RRP $44 for 8; received 2)

These are described as intensive treatments that work to help firm, de-puff and tone the under-eye skin. They infuse the eye area with potent doses of soothing ingredients, and are formulated with elastin to firm and tone, hexapeptide to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and ginkgo biloba to improve circulation.

If you know me, you'll likely know how much I hate sheet masks (eye ones included). They mostly don't do anything for me and I think they're expensive for what they are, plus they're not great for the environment because they require more packaging on a per-use basis than any other skincare or makeup item on the market (at least, that I can think of: they're worse than sachets in that sense). Still, I'll try them. You never know.

In sum

That's all from me!

First, I really apologise for the whacky formatting in this post. I can't do much to make it look a little better - so it might be time to update my computer.

I'm really looking forward to trying everything in here and bringing a breath of fresh air to my skincare routine: being on no buys for makeup and skincare is starting to take a toll in the sense that I've been sticking to what I have open and trying to get through it. Time for something new.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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