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I received this product in Memebox Global #17. I was very suspicious to start with (as were many people, judging by the online comments) because I haven't liked any of the Cheek Room products I've received from Memebox, although fortunately this product ended up being the best thing I've tried from the brand.

The little palette is sturdy and feels of reasonable quality - unlike for example the dody Cheek Room gloss I received in another box.

There's a mirror and little brush included. The brush isn't wonderful but it's functional enough and I do use it. It's a handy little travel kit and would also work well if you wanted to cart it around in your handbag so you have a few colours on offer if you need them.

The bottom row is meant to include a 'shiny lipstick' in 'orange' and a 'lip balm' in 'lovely purple'. Essentially both are sheer glosses.

The top two 'colour lips' products are described as 'hot pink' and 'purple lady'. The pink is barely there (I need to use a lot of it to get any colour, and even then it's very sheer) and the plum is actually quite nice and a colour I'll use.

Cheek Room claims/product details:
  • A lip palette with three different types of lip items: colour lips, shiny lipstick and lip balm
  • The two colour lips products sparkle with luminosity and radiance
  • The shiny lipstick gleams with fine pearls and silky elegance
  • The lip balm smoothly melts onto lips for a lasting moisture boost
  • Sparkling pearl and luminous colour
  • Luxurious, velvety feeling
  • High glossy effect
  • Non sticky
  • Jojoba oil makes lip look elastic (ha, rightio)
  • Available in two quads: 01 and 02 (mine is 02 and the one I would have chosen)
  • RRP $24

See swatches above and below (starting from the lavender gloss and running clockwise). As you can see, the colours are very sheer. That's not necessarily a bad thing - I don't mind sheerer colours on days when I don't want my lips to be the focus.

There's a shot of the orange colour (note that all the below photos are taken outside in natural light):

And another one:

There's the pink:

The pink again:

The lavender gloss (note it's the only product of the four that doesn't make my lips look wrinkled):

The gloss again:

And here's the plum:

The plum again:


This isn't a bad little palette. It's not wonderful, but it's definitely better than expected - particularly considering how crappy the other Cheek Room products I've tried have been.

The colours are so sheer that they don't show up well unless you apply a lot (I'm talking at least four decent swipes of the little brush) - except for the plum, which you can apply less of because it's darker.

None of the products lasts well, but few products do (on my lips, anyway); and they smell and feel a bit cheap - like those occasional dodgy lipsticks I'd buy for a couple of bucks in a pharmacy when I was in my teens.

Having said this, the overall quality of this palette isn't terrible and the products feel good enough on my lips. I also don't mind that I need to build them if I want the colours to show up: this means I can control how strong my lip colour is more easily. 

I'll probably chuck this in my travel kit and forget about it for now. Fortunately I don't have a travel lip palette, so this will definitely get used.

Have you tried this or other Cheek Room products? Let me know what you think if so.

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