Naobay Moisturising Peeling: Brightening Facial Milk Scrub - review


We received this cleanser in our December Lust Have It Women's Boxes (reviewed here). I've used a huge bottle of this before - received from Glossybox Deutsch when we were living in Berlin - so it didn't take me long to re-familiarise myself with the product and feel ready to write this review.

Unfortunately I don't love it any more the second time around than I did the first: it just doesn't do much for my skin and it's one of those things that I'm only using because I have it, and I may well put it on the Project Pan list in future because I don't reach for it much at all. I have so many other cleansers I prefer, but more on all that below.

Naobay claims/product details:
  • Naobay – or to be precise, Natural And Organic Beauty And You – is a brand with super high values that are upheld with great commitment
  • This treatment has a wonderfully milky texture that's enriched with natural acai particles, olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and gotu kola 
  • Gently exfoliates the skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Removes surface cells and impurities
  • Soothes the skin after the peel with hydrating ingredients
  • 98.82 % of the total ingredients are of natural origin
  • 29.1 % of the total ingredients come from organic farming
  • To use: massage gently into wet skin, then rinse
  • RRP $27 AUD for 100ml


I've used a couple of Naobay products before (see also my review of the brand's Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser here) and in both cases I've had high hopes because the products look and sound so good, but unfortunately neither has worked for me.

This peeling is packaged beautifully and it's a product I'm happy to display in the bathroom: I especially love the wooden lid and clean design.

It's a white cream with a very faint scent (I'm smelling the shea butter) that shouldn't offend most people because it's barely there. The product feels rich and creamy against the skin, and the little scrubby particles are so sparse and gentle that they shouldn't irritate most skins.

Indeed, the scrubby matter is so sparse and gentle that it just doesn't do anything, and I half-wonder why the grains are there at all. I reckon there needs to be more of them if this product wants to call itself a scrub - otherwise the product might even be better off without them so it could just be marketed as a cream cleanser.

As for the cleansing side of things, this doesn't do a good job of removing makeup and grime so I wouldn't recommend it for an evening cleanse. It's a morning cleanser for me, and I use it as the first cleanse in my routine because it leaves a film on my face that needs to be removed with another cleanser if I want my serum and moisturiser to sink in and do their job.

In terms of product claims: I do think this has a beautiful silky texture; it does provide a tiny amount of exfoliation but not enough for me; it doesn't reduce the appearance of fine lines; it doesn't remove surface skin cells and impurities; but it does feel soothing and hydrating.

Just briefly, I've had a look online and while there aren't many reviews of this product, the ones that exist generally rave about it and note that it exfoliates gently and leaves skin super soft. So looks like I'm in the minority when I say that I don't love this product! 

Perhaps it works best for those with super sensitive skin (mine's only a little sensitive), so if that's you, it may be worth testing the product because it might be gentle enough for you and you might really like it.

In sum, I wanted to love this peeling but I just don't. It's not a bad product and I don't hate it, but it's not one I reach for often because it doesn't do enough for my skin.


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