Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in 665 Lust for Blush - review and swatches


You may remember that I bought one of these Maybelline lipsticks at half-price back in January, and I fell in love with it so much that I couldn't resist buying a couple more when Priceline had a 40% off sale earlier in the year.

I opted to buy one shade in the cream formula because that's the one I fell in love with, and the other shade in this matte formula because I liked the colour and wanted to see how I went with Maybelline's mattes. As you may know, I tend to steer clear of matte products because I'm dry everywhere, but a good matte lipstick shouldn't dry out your lips - and happily this one doesn't.

Maybelline claims/product details:
  • Lips slip into our creamiest matte
  • New mattifying cream pure pigments
  • Delivers a burst of bold colour and a surge of creamy texture for the creamiest matte 
  • Available in 20 make-a-statement shades
  • RRP $17.95 AUD for 4.2g, but do shop around

There's a shot of the bullet in direct sunlight above and in natural light below. You can see that the colour changes in different lights.

It's one of those shades that seems to look different on everyone, and while some would describe it as pink, on me it pulls more purple - which is what I prefer and I wouldn't have bought it otherwise.

Swatched in natural light:

 In direct sunlight:

 And indoors:

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the product, direct sunlight:

 Indirect sunlight:

In natural light:

And in the shade:


This is a great product, and if you can pick it up from Chemist Warehouse or Priceline when they have one of their big sales, you'll be paying less than ten bucks for it - score!

As mentioned above, 'Lust for Blush' is one of those colours that seems to look different on everyone. I've seen it described as a cool pink with blue undertones, a rosy pink and a mauve. On me it's definitely a mauve and I can really see the purple undertones on my lips (even more so than in the above photos), which is what I was after and I'm really pleased with the shade.

In any event, it's worth testing the colour before buying it because I don't think you can completely rely on swatches you find online - unless you come across a blogger who has your colouring and a similar natural lip shade to yours.

As for the formula, I really like it: it applies smoothly and evenly and doesn't tug, plus it really delivers on pigment and doesn't bleed or feather throughout the day. The lipstick also wears well and doesn't fade easily, but you will need to touch up after eating and drinking (or at least I do).

The product has a faint, sweet scent that I quite like - I'm smelling vanilla - and I suspect that most people will be ok with it because the smell isn't strong and it doesn't linger so you shouldn't be aware of it after application. 

The finish isn't a true matte (it's more of a demi-matte with a creamy feel), which I personally prefer because anything that's too matte tends to emphasise or exacerbate lip lines. This one doesn't. It doesn't diminish them like glosses do, but it certainly doesn't make them worse and the formula feels hydrating enough that I don't need to wear a gloss over the top to keep my lips feeling comfortable. This is unusual for me when it comes to lip products that aren't super creamy, so I'm giving it huge ticks on that front.

It's quite a thick formula that feels almost velvety when you press your lips together, and if you layer on too much it can crumble/bunch up a little, but I've only ever found this happens when I reapply it throughout the day and go a bit overboard: otherwise it doesn't do this at all.

All in all, this is a sensational product and I can't fault it. I guess the only thing I will say is that I prefer the creamier formula in these lipsticks (I've reviewed one here), but that's a personal preference thing because I normally like a glossier finish so it's got nothing to do with the quality of this particular lipstick.

One of the nicest matte formulas I've tried : )

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