Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in 00 Blackest Black - review and photos


I received this mascara ages ago from beautyheaven when I exchanged some points for products, but I didn't open it for a while because I've had a back-log of mascaras and I wanted to get through the older ones first.

I only ever have two mascaras open - one full-size and one travel-sized for my purse - because they need to be turfed so quickly to avoid eye infection and it's such a waste to have too many on the go.

Anyhoo. I'd seen bundles of rave reviews of this product online so I was expecting a lot from it, and happily my expectations have definitely been met : )

Maybelline claims/product details:
  • Reveal your most sensational lashes for a full fan look
  • Fanning brush with 10 layers of bristles to reveal every lash
  • The inner bristles reach 100% of tiny lashes while the outer bristles fan lashes out
  • Liquid ink formula builds coat after coat on each individual lash with zero clumps
  • RRP $21.95 for 9.5ml, but do shop around

I've photographed the brush from three angles so you can see it properly. There's a side-view above: you can see it's curved and the 'dipped' side has shorter bristles while the 'peaked' side has longer ones.

Above I've photographed the dipped side and below is a shot of the peaked one. 

You can see that the brush is neither too thick nor too long, which makes for a much easier application: huge brushes are hard to use for anyone, but they're especially hard for those of us with hooded eyes.

My bare lashes for reference:

Wearing one layer of the product, natural light:

Another shot in direct sunlight:


This is a fantastic mascara and I wish my photos could do it better justice! 

It's everything I want in a mascara and I'm so glad I've found it because I have huge issues with mascaras, so it's awesome that I've discovered one that works for me - particularly because it's a cheaper brand and won't break the bank.

My issues with mascaras are: I need lengthening more than thickening (though both is preferable) and far too many products thicken but do nothing for length; I don't like mascaras that look clumpy and unnatural; I have hooded eyes and invariably wind up with black sh*t on my puffy upper eye area when wands are too fat or poorly designed; and the hooded area can also make it harder to reach the base of my lashes (I think that's hard for everyone, but even harder for those of us with serious puff).

Happily this mascara ticks all the boxes. It gives me good length and nice volume with just one coat, plus it doesn't clump easily (unless you start layering too much on), so I can get a good natural look from this but can also layer it for something more dramatic.

I barely ever get mascara goo where I don't want it when I use this, because the brush is designed so well: it's curved and the bristles aren't too long (plus there's a shorter side and a longer one, and both work well); and it's not too fat so it's easy to use - both for my upper and lower lashes, and also for getting product onto the base of each lash.

The other good news is that it doesn't smudge or flake throughout the day, so I can whack this on in the morning and forget about it, knowing that it will stay put.

All in all, I can't fault this mascara and I've given it an HG tag. I can't remember the last time I did that with a mascara! I wouldn't pay full price for it but it will always be on special somewhere, so you don't need to.

Woot woot for brilliant budget products! Have you tried this? Let me know what you think if so : )

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