What we can learn from dogs

I wrote a version of this post not long ago as a Facebook status (we'd just got ourselves a new Golden Retriever puppy) and enjoyed writing it so much that I thought I'd extend it here. 

I've also found myself going back to it sometimes when I need to laugh or remind myself to keep things simple. Whether you have a dog or not, there's a lot we can take from them. More than anything, don't get lost in the rubbish of life. Draw on the daily moments of joy that make everything else fade away. These are the things that sustain us.

Anyhoo. Here's my list.

What we can learn from dogs:
  • Food is the most insanely exciting thing in the whole world (except lettuce) and we should jump around in mad joy when we know it's coming.
  • Everything in the garden is worth exploring, even if we've sniffed (or eaten) the same rose bush a thousand times.
  • Every day is an adventure.
  • Going for a walk is so thrilling that sometimes we accidentally wet ourselves when we see the leash.
  • The beauty of winter is that you get to lie within an inch of the heater and outright refuse to move.
  • If in doubt, sleep.
  • Hugs are important. Whine a bit if you need a hug. Puppy eyes work.
  • Anything is possible. You can squeeze under the baby gate (commando style) even if your owners stupidly thought you'd grown too big to do it.
  • You're smarter than you think. Watch and learn. If your owners can open the kitchen drawers, so can you.
  • Play. Doesn't matter if you're playing with other dogs or on your own. Just play.
  • Dig. If you don't find anything, keep digging. Never give up. You never know what you'll find.
  • If you're given a bone, run away and hide so no one can steal it while you chew it until you can't chew no more. It's your bone and it's a bundle of wonderful moments meant just for you. Savour every one.
  • TVs are ridiculous things and impossible to understand. Bark at them, paw them, cock your head in confusion and look at your owners, dumbfounded. Play instead.
  • Fark showers. Being dirty rocks. Water is for drinking and getting all over your face.
  • The key to happiness is a simple, continuous cycle each day: play with excited, bounding energy, eat, get patted, sleep. Repeat. Repeat. There is nothing else.

Let me know if you've anything to add to the list!

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