Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Micellar Cleansing Wipes - review


As you'll know if you read this blog, Essenzza wipes are my HG facial wipes so I was super excited to see these show up in last month's Lust Have It women's box (reviewed here).

Micellar products seem to be all the rage these days, and since I had no idea what 'micellar' was, I looked it up. Apparently micellar products contain surfactant molecules, which bring oil and water together due to their structure (as I'm sure you know, oil and water don't normally mix). This helps with the cleansing process, which is why many people swear by micellar products to help remove makeup.

I haven't gone into much detail here, so if you'd like to know more about the idea behind micellar products, I found a great post by the lovely lass at Lab Muffin (see here), who explains the process much better than I ever could - plus her diagrams are helpful and very sweet : )

Anyhoo. The wipes!

Essenzza claims/product details:
  • ‘Micellar water infused’ and ready to go!
  • Fuss Free 3 in 1 action
  • Cleanses, tones, and removes makeup and waterproof mascara
  • No messy liquid or cotton pad required
  • Natural formulation
  • To use: gently peel back the resealable sticker and remove the wipe; ensure that you properly reseal the bag to prevent drying; carefully wipe over the eyelids to remove eye makeup, then wipe over the face and neck and your cleansing is complete
  • RRP $4.95 AUD for 25 wipes; or $2.25 for this travel pack containing 8 wipes

As an interesting aside, the Essenzza website notes that micellar water was invented in the 90s in Paris, because Parisian water is notoriously hard and dries the skin. With micellar water, locals could cleanse their skin quickly and easily without using the hard water. The trend spread when makeup artists started using it backstage due to its ability to remove makeup without using water.


I absolutely love these wipes and Essenzza makes the best facial wipes I've found. Having said this, I don't think these micellar versions are any better than the originals (I've reviewed those here). If anything I prefer the originals because I find those a touch more refreshing on the skin.

I've no idea why that's the case, but it could be something to do with my feelings on micellar products in general: I'm yet to find one that's blown me away and I seem to be one of the few people who doesn't love the cult Bioderma Micellar Water - purely because it doesn't remove my makeup well at all (maybe my dry skin clings to makeup too much for the stuff to be super effective?! Who knows).

The reason I love Essenzza wipes so much is because they contain plenty of moisture, and they're soft and remove dirt and makeup very well. They don't always remove all my mascara on their own - I really need warm water for that because some mascaras I use are too heavy duty - but they fare better on that front than any other wipes I've used.

Also, one side of these wipes is smooth and the other is textured. The textured side is pure genius: you feel as though you're cleansing and gently exfoliating at the same time, meaning your skin is left feeling cleaner, brighter and fresher after use. It's also nice to finish off the cleansing process with the smooth side, which ensures you've removed everything.

On top of that, Essenzza uses natural ingredients, and I do choose natural products whenever I can.

In sum, I love these and can't recommend them enough. Yes, they live up to their claims, and they've become something I can't live without. I do prefer the originals, but these ones are great too.

What facial wipes are your favourites? I'd love to hear : )

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