You may remember that I reviewed L'Occitane's Almond Shower Scrub a while ago (see here), and while I really enjoyed the experience of using it, it wasn't that effective and I wouldn't recommend it.

This product is better. It's a better scrub and I love using it, so much so that I've been rationing mine because I don't want to get through it too quickly - especially because it's not cheap. More on that below.

L'Occitane claims/product details:

  • Enriched with almond butter, this scrub offers a perfect exfoliation for the entire body
  • A delicious blend of almond butter and almond oil, infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals
  • A pure and delectable body treatment that stimulates cellular activity and gently exfoliates skin
  • Massage the paste over wet skin to release the nourishing benefits of almond proteins
  • Your skin will feel smoother, with its contours better defined and toned
  • RRP $53 AUD for 200ml

There's what it looks like:


This is a really gorgeous product and I absolutely love it. While I wouldn't buy it for myself very often because it's so expensive for a body product, it's something I would consider treating myself to every couple of years and then rationing so I can make the tub last. It's just a pleasure to use.

It's a cream product that smells quite sweet and I can definitely smell the almond flower. It's a reasonably strong smell so I would check that you like the fragrance before purchase, just in case it's too much for you.

In texture it almost feels like butter on the skin, and it feels so luxurious as it melts that I tend to save mine for rainy days when I need a lift. Honestly, it just feels heavenly and I would almost buy it for the sensation alone.

It does contain a reasonable amount of scrubby matter and the grains are a little on the scratchy side so they're effective. I wouldn't call it a harsh scrub, but it's not super gentle either so it should suit those who prefer scrubs with more punch.

After use, my skin feels smooth and refined, and it also feels gently hydrated because some of the product absorbs and nourishes the skin - making it great for my dry skin, especially in the cooler months. Some of the fragrance also lingers a little on the skin, not in an offensive way that interferes with my perfume, but in a gentle way that probably only I am aware of.

Overall I think this is a really lovely scrub and I absolutely recommend it. While you don't need to spend this much on a body scrub, if you want to treat yourself or even give the family an idea for Mother's Day, then something like this is perfect. It just makes me feel special whenever I use it, and for me, that's worth the occasional splurge.


At the moment I'm trying to get to all the skincare reviews I'm behind on, after I had such busy months in March and April.

Mind you, May will be busy too because I'll need to make a start on my tax sooner rather than later, although I'll certainly try to get as many posts in as possible so I don't feel too far behind the eight ball.

This morning I wanted to review a product from The Ordinary that I've been using and enjoying for the past few months (to the point that I've almost finished it). Overall I've had some good success with The Ordinary, minus a few products that didn't hit the mark for me, and this is one of the better ones. Indeed, I've been looking forward to reviewing it.

The Ordinary claims/product details:

  • A lightweight serum that targets the appearance of dynamic facial lines
  • Contains Argireline, an anti-ageing peptide that's a trademark owned by Barcelona-based Lipotec
  • Argireline is a proprietary solution of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8; controlled studies have shown that it improves the appearance of facial areas prone to developing dynamic folds, including around the eyes and in the forehead area 
  • Studies have shown that the water content of formulations does impact the utility level of topical Argireline, and specifically that higher water content results in better utility; this formulation is water-based and avoids oils, esters and silicones
  • To use: apply a few drops on the forehead and around the eyes twice daily before heavier treatments
  • RRP $13.90 AUD for 30ml


I think this is a good little product and I noticed it was doing something for me from the moment I used it. While the difference isn't huge, it's definitely there and I absolutely recommend it - especially because it's not expensive so it's no big loss if it doesn't work for you.

It's a clear serum that's as thin as water and it has no scent that I can detect. You're meant to apply it around the eyes and on the forehead (twice daily), but early in the piece I decided to just apply it everywhere - as you would an essence or serum - because I found that easier and I also like how it makes my skin look and feel.

There's something about it that's refreshing and hydrating, and my skin always feels better once I've used it. Because it's so thin, it absorbs beautifully and I can always tell when I've applied it because my face looks more awake.

The question of course is whether this has done anything for my fine lines. And you know what? I think it has. While I can't see a huge amount of difference around my eye area, it's definitely done something for the lines on my forehead and down the centre of my neck, and also for my smile lines.

Although the difference isn't dramatic, it's reduced those lines enough that my foundation looks smoother when I apply it, and I can also tell the difference in my face when I get up in the morning, before I've had a chance to put my moisturiser on and re-hydrate my skin: my lines don't look as pronounced. So while I wouldn't say this has completely changed my skin, it's definitely done something, and it's done so very cheaply.

The other thing I like about this product is that it has a toning effect so it makes my skin look and feel a little firmer. This of course also helps me look younger, and that's another plus.

Overall I think this is a great little product that generally meets its claims and I recommend it. What it does for my skin isn't dramatic, but it absolutely does something and it's taken a couple of years off my face while I've been using it. 

Definitely worth trying.

Hello and welcome to another round of Project Dent.

So far this year I've mostly been denting blushes, highlighters and bronzers - for the simple reason that I want to focus on the eyeshadow palettes in my Pan that Palette challenge, so I've been leaving myself open to do that. 

Nevertheless I'll have to start cycling through my other eyeshadow palettes soon, because I don't want them sitting around gathering dust while I'm too busy denting other things.

Anyhoo. Next up is this Urban Decay bronzer in Sun-kissed, which I only ever use as a blush and indeed I bought it to be a blush because it's too pale for bronzing on me. I really like it and I'm looking forward to using it again. If you're interested, I've reviewed it here.

Let's get straight into progress shots. 

Here's how my blush is looking today, 30 April 2019:

Below I've enhanced the above shot for clarity:

So you can see there's a little dent in the middle of this thing, but we're not seeing a huge amount of progress and I want to change that.

The other thing I want to work out over the denting period is whether this blush is essential to my collection, or whether I might pan it next year. If I want to keep it, I'd love to get it into one of my custom palettes, so I'll look at doing that later on - once I've made some more room for it.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to another Project Dent update post for the year.

I've now been using this blush every day for two weeks, and I'm ready to update you on how much progress I've made in that time. Not much, no doubt - but hopefully some.

As you may know, I absolutely love these blushes (of course, I bought three) and I'm so glad I own them. 

This one in Kinks & Kisses is the last one I bought and I use it the least of the three because it's a little less peach and a little more pink than I'd been led to believe before I bought it, but I still do like it and I really love the highlighter, which is half the product anyway.

If you're interested, I've reviewed this shade here.

Here's how my blush looked two weeks ago:

And here's how it looks today, after two weeks' daily use:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Two weeks ago:


As you can see, there's very little progress on this but you should be able to see some - especially on the highlighter side, where a slight dip is opening up in the centre of the large highlighter stripe (left). Otherwise all I can see are changes in the brush marks across the surface of the rest of the pan, and I expect it will take a while before we see any real progress on this thing.

Overall it's been an ok round of Project Dent, and while not much has happened, I can still rest assured that this blush has seen some good use over the last fortnight and that's always a positive.

Now, to pick out my next item for Project Dent...

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to another Project Pan mini update for the year.

I'm pleased to report that I've finished another cleanser, and now that I have, I'll start looking at which cleanser I want to pan next because I still have too many of them.

It's my Skin Physics Dragon's Blood 3-in-1 Treatment Cleanser, which I absolutely love and which I'll miss, but I've had it for a while so it was time to get through it.

There's my last marker:

So you'll see that I didn't have much left, and I'm not surprised that I managed to finish it relatively early into my new panning month.

As for my replacement, I've decided to pick a primer, even though I only have two left, for the simple reason that this one's not my favourite and I'd like to pan it so I can buy myself another primer or two in June, when I lift my spending ban for a month.

Here 'tis:

It's my Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer. Now this isn't a terrible product, but it's not that hydrating and my dry skin needs something with more punch. This means it's replaceable, and I'd like to finish it so I can buy something that works better for me.

There's how much I've used (not much):

So there's still a while to go, but do note that I marked this two weeks ago (at the beginning of my panning month) because I knew I'd be introducing it soon enough - so I've made a little progress since then.

I don't know how long it will take me to finish this, but I reckon it will be at least four months. We'll see.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

I was sent two Andalou products for review a while ago and this is one of them. The other one was an oil, which I reviewed this morning (see here), and I wanted to get this post up too while the product is front of mind.

Long story short, it's not awful but it doesn't do much for me so I wouldn't recommend it. Also, it stings when applied so I suspect it won't suit everyone, and I would be careful of this product if you have sensitive skin. More on that below.

Andalou claims/product details:

  • Discover your pure, natural beauty with this exfoliating enzyme, botanical jelly mask 
  • With CannaCell® hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil and pure plant essential oils 
  • For a complexion that glows
  • Gentle and effective 
  • For all skin types
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • No gluten, phthalates, sulphates, silicones or parabens
  • To use: apply evenly to clean, dry or damp skin; leave for 10-20 minutes; gently rinse
  • RRP $22.99 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around


I wanted to love this mask because I love Andalou as a brand, but unfortunately it doesn't do much for me so I wouldn't buy it for myself.

It's a green-coloured product that smells like hemp and citrus, and the smell is a little strong (it's also not my favourite scent) so it may bother some.

In texture it's like a thick gel, but it thins out on application so you don't need to use too much each time. It feels cooling when applied, but it also starts to sting quite a bit so it won't be for everyone and I would be careful of this if you have sensitive skin.

Indeed, I've seen a lot of reviewers comment on the stinging, and many of them say that it's too intense for them to leave the product on for the time suggested in the directions. Some of them have also had adverse skin reactions to this mask, so do be aware of that and test it before purchase if you can.

While I'd hoped that the stinging meant it was working, when it comes to washing it off, I can barely notice any change in my skin. Perhaps it looks a little brighter and feels a little smoother, but honestly, I don't notice much difference and this means I can't recommend it because I don't think it's worth investing the time in face masks unless they're doing something great.

I do however like the packaging because it's weighty and sturdy, and I also like that the product isn't too expensive (especially on special) so it won't break the bank.

Overall I think this mask is ok, but it doesn't do much for me so I wouldn't buy it and I don't think it meets its claims. Yes it's a little moisturising and a touch brightening, but I wouldn't buy it for those reasons because the effect isn't huge, and I think Andalou has better products than this one.

Not for me.

This product was sent to me for review, and I'm pleased to say that I do quite like it and it's not too expensive so it's worth trying if you like Andalou as a brand.

Nevertheless, it's not my favourite and I likely wouldn't buy it for myself - purely because I've tried so many face oils and have a lot to compare it to. Still, it's decent and it's not too heavy so it should suit a range of skin types. More on that below.

Andalou claims/product details:

  • Discover your pure, natural beauty with this nourishing botanical beauty oil 
  • With CannaCell® hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil and pure plant essential oils 
  • For a complexion that glows
  • Gentle and effective
  • Made with bioavailable vegan ingredients
  • For all skin types 
  • Cruelty free
  • No gluten, phthalates, sulphates, silicones or parabens
  • To use: apply small drops to the face and neck; perfect for dry skin, elbows, hands and nails
  • RRP $24.95 AUD for 30ml, but do shop around


I like this oil and I think it's reasonably priced (especially if you can find it on special), so it's a good one to try if you're in the market for a face oil that isn't too heavy or expensive. Nevertheless, it's not my favourite so I wouldn't buy it for myself because I have other oils I prefer.

It has a light scent (I smell citrus and hemp) that's not overpowering so it shouldn't bother most people. The texture isn't too thick or rich so I can see it suiting a range of skin types, and it applies and spreads well.

While I think some of it absorbs, some of it also sits on top of the skin and it does leave a residue behind so do be aware of that. I don't mind this because I have dry skin and find the residue to have a protective element, and I apply mine at night anyway so the residue doesn't bother me. I wouldn't apply this oil under makeup, though.

After use my skin feels hydrated but not too coated, and while I've used more hydrating/nourishing oils, this one's still quite good and it's the kind of product that's better for my skin in the warmer months when my face is less dry.

I like the weighty, sturdy packaging and I also like that the product comes with a pump, which makes it easy to use and less messy.

Overall I think this product is decent, and while it's not the best facial oil I've used, it's still good and it's not too expensive so it's one to consider. If you're after an alternative, The Ordinary does a good oil and I really enjoy Natural Instinct's Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil (reviewed here). All of these are reasonably priced and readily available, so they're worth trying if you're in the market for a face oil that doesn't break the bank.

Good but not my favourite.

Hello and welcome to my next round of Project Dent. I've decided to go for this highlighter palette next because I don't use it enough, so I want to ensure that it doesn't sit around in my collection gathering too much dust this year.

As you may know, I like this palette but it's not my favourite because I find that these highlighters are so intense they can emphasise texture (unusual for Hourglass) and I also think they look a little dry on my skin, so this is a palette I'm more likely to use on the eyes.

Nevertheless, this palette does work beautifully to finish off an eye look and I go for pale highlighter shades every day when I do my eyeshadow anyway, so I know I'll get plenty of use from it and I'm looking forward to playing with it again.

If you're interested, my review of this product is here.

So, here's how Absolute Strobe Light is looking today, 28 April 2019:

Below I've enhanced the above shot for clarity:

Pure Strobe Light:

Enhanced for clarity:

And Lucent Strobe Light:

Enhanced for clarity:

As you can see, I've definitely used this palette but I haven't made a lot of progress so I'll aim to make it look a little more loved over the denting period.

While I don't expect to make a huge mark in it within two weeks, I do expect to see a reasonable amount of movement because I've already dented it a couple of times and it's getting to the point where we might starting seeing some dips open up.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

Hello and welcome to another Project Dent update post for the year.

I've now been using this palette for exactly two weeks, and I'm getting a bit over it so it's definitely time to move on to something else.

As you may know, I'm considering panning this palette in 2020 and I may well run it through a few rounds of Project Dent this year - just to see if I can make a start on it so it looks a little less daunting if I do decide to pan it.

My review of this palette is here if you're interested. Long story short, I do like it but it's very warm and I struggle to use it as a stand-alone palette. I always need some cool shades to tone it down, and I also find that I can't use any more than a few shades in any look - otherwise things look too warm and take me into allergic reaction territory. That's why I want to pan it out of my collection.

So, here's how my palette was looking two weeks ago, when I introduced it to Project Dent:

And here's how it's looking today, after two weeks' daily use:

Below I've enhanced the above two shots for clarity.

Two weeks ago:


As you can see, I've now hit pan in Extra Creamy and Peanut Butter Cup, which I was expecting to do because I was very close to hitting pan in those when I started this round of Project Dent. As for the other shades, there's a touch more use in all of them but nothing major. Note there's a slight dip opening up in Peanut Butter, although admittedly it's hard to see that in the above photo.

Overall it's been a good round of Project Dent and I'm looking forward to putting this palette aside so I can work on something else. My next item won't be an eyeshadow palette because I want to focus on the shadows in my Pan that Palette challenge, but I'll likely introduce another palette in May so I can start cycling through what I own.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

I received this product as a GWP a while ago and I included it in one of my recent samples posts because I have so many larger samples in the cupboard that I need to start getting through some of them.

I've now been using it for a couple of weeks and I'm getting towards the end of the bottle so I need to review it while I still have it. Long story short, it's ok but it's not very effective so I wouldn't buy it or recommend it. More on that below.

Madara claims/product details:

  • Ideal for all skin types, this micellar water works to remove makeup and impurities, and balance and hydrate the skin in one easy step
  • Suitable for daily use and perfect for travel, it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and it works to deliver a burst of refreshing moisture
  • Formulated with natural oil micelles dispersed in a soothing, toning base of aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel
  • Also contains antioxidant-rich northern peony root extract to protect the skin from environmental damage, and plumping hyaluronic acid to smooth, soften and hydrate
  • RRP $14.95 AUD for 50ml or $22.95 AUD for 100ml


I don't hate this product but I don't love it either. Sure it's gentle, but it's not super effective and I wouldn't buy it for myself. Worth noting is that it's had mixed reviews online (some love it while others agree that it's not very effective), so if you're interested in it, I would test it first or buy the smaller bottle to see how you go with it before committing to the outlay.

It's a fluid product with that smells sweet and clean. You apply it to a cotton pad and then run it over your face to remove makeup and grime.

From the moment I used it, I could tell that it wasn't a 'heavy duty' product. Some micellars really cut through grease while others don't do the job so well, and this falls in the latter category.

In many ways it's like Bioderma's offering (reviewed here), which doesn't work as well for me as it does for others. Perhaps I'm just not suited to extra gentle micellars and need something with more punch.

I use mine in the evening to remove makeup and it doesn't do a great job of that, so I need to get the rest of my makeup off with something else. It doesn't remove waterproof eye makeup - not even close - and it has enough trouble dealing with the 'easy' stuff like tinted moisturiser and face powders.

On the claims: no I don't think it removes makeup and impurities well; no I don't think it balances the skin but I suppose it's a little hydrating; no I don't think it delivers a burst of refreshing moisture; no I don't think it's soothing or toning; and no I don't think it plumps or softens my skin either.

Honestly, it's just about as effective as plain old water on my skin and my face feels the same after use as it would have if I'd used plain old water. I do agree that it's gentle, though, so if you have sensitive skin and don't want to fork out the money for Bioderma's offering, this may be one to try.

Overall this isn't a bad product but it's not effective enough for me and I think you can do better. Sure it's gentle, but if you want something that's cheaper and more effective while still being gentle, my personal favourite is Garnier's oil version (reviewed here).


I used Andalou's coconut water toner a while ago (see here) and loved that so much that I gave it an HG tag, so I was interested to try different toners from the range and see how I went with those.

Next up is this illuminating toner, which unfortunately I don't like nearly as much and indeed I'm looking forward to finishing it. It's not a bad product, it's just not as hydrating or gentle as the other one so it doesn't suit my skin. More on that below.

Andalou claims/product details:

  • Fruit stem cell complex, vitamin c and aloe vera polysaccharides instantly hydrate and refresh
  • Skin friendly nutrients uplift circulation and gently balance pH for improved appearance in skin's tone and texture and a luminous complexion
  • For normal/combination skin
  • RRP $19.99 AUD for 178ml, but do wait for specials


This product is ok but it's not right for my skin and I've certainly used better products from Andalou. Having said this, it's designed for normal to combination skin so that might be why it's not right for my dry skin.

It's a standard fluid toner that comes in a bottle with a pump. The directions say to mist this over your face after cleansing, but I get more benefit from applying it to a cotton pad (I open the cap and forget the pump: less waste). Reason being, it does a good job of removing that last layer of gunk from my face - so it's better to use a cotton pad in my case.

The product smells like orange peel and it's a nice, refreshing scent that I enjoy. In terms of how it feels on my skin, unfortunately I find it to be a little too astringent so it can make my skin feel dry after use, but it's not too bad and I can still use it.

I also find that my face feels rather 'over clean' after use, and while I wouldn't say that this product strips my skin, it does something a little like that and I feel like it's removing my natural oils. Again, you'll likely get on better with it if you have normal/combination skin and not dry skin.

Do note that I've tried misting this over makeup, and while it feels fine, the spray isn't great for that and I get blotches that upset my makeup, leaving me with little holes in my foundation. So I don't recommend it for that, but I do recommend decanting it into another bottle with a finer mist, since it does feel quite refreshing and adds a little radiance to the skin, although it's not the right face spray for me personally because it's not hydrating or nourishing enough. 

On the claims: no it doesn't hydrate my dry skin but I agree that it's refreshing; yes it's uplifting but no I don't think it balances pH (if anything, it upsets the pH of my dry skin); yes I do think it smooths out my texture a little because it has a slight resurfacing effect; and no it hasn't offered me improved skintone or a luminous complexion.

Overall I don't think this is a bad product, it's just not the right toner for me so I wouldn't recommend it if you're dry like I am. It may however suit you if you have normal/combination skin (which it's designed for), and it's not too expensive - especially on special - so it's a good one to try if you're in the market for a new toner.

Fine, but not right for my skin.
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