Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate - review and photos


I've mentioned before that I'm part of two review crews, and a while ago I was sent this Lancôme face serum and a matching eye serum to trial.

Hold the phone. This serum is bloody amazing. There are few things I've come across that I can call overnight miracles, but this is one of them. Other people have noticed a change in my skin, not just me. That tells you something.

Lancôme claims/product details:
  • Advanced Génifique is our #1 serum for younger-looking and radiant skin
  • Targets the 10 key signs of youthful-looking skin: texture, resiliency, elasticity, firmness, sagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, even skintone and clarity
  • Patented formula feels incredible to the touch
  • Drop by drop, skin feels younger at your fingertips
  • For every woman: multiple ethnicities and ages
  • Clinically proven results
  • To use: on perfectly cleansed skin, apply three drops evenly across your face and neck and gently massage the formula; follow with your recommended face cream
  • RRP $99 AUD for 30ml


I love this stuff. My skin hasn't looked this good for ages, and I know this product is responsible because it's the only thing I've changed and I can see its effects as soon as I apply it.

It's a fluid serum that comes in a beautiful, weighty bottle complete with a dropper. No complaints about the packaging - it's lovely and easy to use, plus it protects the contents well because it's thick and sturdy.

The product has a very faint, clean scent but I can only smell it if I hold the bottle up to my nose so the fragrance shouldn't bother most people.

It's a thin serum (just how I like them) and it spreads and absorbs beautifully. While the product directions call for three drops per application, I personally need to use twice that amount on my dry skin (which tends to 'inhale' product) so that's something to be aware of.

Indeed, I'm getting through my bottle all too quickly - not a good thing because this isn't cheap - but it works so I'll forgive it.

What I love about it is that it has a brightening effect so it boosts radiance, plus it plumps fine lines and wrinkles so it makes my skin look smoother. I also agree that it firms and tones the skin, plus it seems to have an effect on elasticity too, so I would say that this product generally meets its claims (rare, in my experience!). The only claims it hasn't met - for me, anyway - are those relating to even skintone and clarity, because I've noticed no difference in those areas. 

My skin just looks more healthy since I started using this, and it feels smoother so makeup glides on better these days. Some of my friends and family have randomly commented that my skin is looking good too, which tells me that I'm not just imagining the effects: they're definitely there.

So in sum, I definitely recommend this product and it's one I would consider buying in future. Sure it's pricey, but it's taken a few years off my face and it did that within the first seven days of use and then kept doing it, so the results are not only there but they arrive quickly.

Brilliant. I've given it an HG tag.

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