Skincare no buy: essential purchase #1


Hello and welcome to my first essential purchase update for my skincare no buy!

As you may know, I started a skincare no buy at the beginning of December 2017: it's a blanket ban and I'm not allowed to buy any skincare until the beginning of June - unless I run of something I need. 

Also, if I reach June and still don't need any more skincare because I haven't finished enough of my stores, then I may well extend my spending ban. We'll see.

If you're interested in seeing my intro post on my skincare no buy, that's here. My skincare inventory is here if you'd like to see that too.

Anyhoo. There's a product that's been on my wishlist for ages, ever since hearing about it from various people on Youtube. I hadn't gone ahead and bought it, however, because cash has been tight and there was no reason to.

With eBay Australia running a 10 per cent off promotion and a blog payment coming in, I suddenly had a reason - and the means.

Also, note that Mex and I tend to sell products on eBay if we're desperate to buy something new. So in his case, he recently bought a jacket and he's recovering some of the cost by selling a few jackets he doesn't use. I've also got a few unopened beauty products that came from either Maslow & Co or in one of Mecca's birthday gifts, and I'm giving them to him to list as well.

I'm mentioning this because we both see eBay as a way to send off items to better homes, and even though the buyer is usually getting the bargain because you generally sell things for peanuts, at least it's one of those situations where you're sending three things out of the house and only bringing one in. So you're streamlining what you own and recovering some of your own purchases in the process.

So the burning question, of course, is what did I buy?!

I'm so glad you asked ; )
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That's right, it's the miracle worker for dry lips. The one thing that everyone raves about and urges you to buy if dry lips are your number one skincare problem.

Why is this essential? 

If you know me well, you'll likely know that I have the driest lips on the planet. I'm forever applying balms and treatments to them, and before you say 'but those things can be part of the problem', let me stop you there.

My lips have been dry ever since I was young. I must have been one of the youngest girls carting around a tub of Blistex in her school bag (thanks Mum). If I go for an hour without something on my lips, they're burning. If I go for two hours, they've become chapped and drier than the proverbial desert, and if I go for any more than that, they start cracking and bleeding the moment I talk or smile. Just trust me on this one. It's happened more than once.

I've had people say 'oh I used to be addicted to lip balms, but I just powered through it for a few days and now I don't need them'.

I'm sure that's true for some people. It's not for me.

I should also say that over the last two days I've been naughty on eBay and have bought:

  • the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette (it's been on my wishlist ever since it was released in the US only - BOO US ; ))
  • two of the fabled Coty Airspun Loose Powders (one in translucent and one in my colour, because I don't own a powder foundation and I need one)
  • two of the Lanierge lip masks

The Hourglass product I bought separately. One particular local seller had reduced the cost of her palette and I stole my chance - with the additional 10 per cent off, it was a price I could live with.

The other four products I bought in the one order and I needed to include each of them so my order was high enough to take advantage of the 10 per cent off promotion - otherwise I might have skipped the translucent powder and only bought one of the lip masks.

But I've wanted to try the translucent powder for years - ever since Tati started raving about it - and it's not super expensive (although yes, Australian prices are extortionate so it's a lot more expensive here than it should be). Can't wait.

With the discount, those four products worked out to an average of just over $20 AUD each.

In sum

I guess the only other thing I should note is that I spoke to a friend and also my husband about whether the lip mask was 'essential' (especially considering that I haven't tried it yet), and both of them said the same thing: 'If this is a miracle treatment? For your lips, Jane, yes.'

The other point that might be worth mentioning here is that if this lip treatment stops me burning through lip products because I have to apply them 564 times a day, then I won't need to keep spending so much money on lip balms and other hydrating lip products! 

So maybe it will save me money in the long run?!

That's all from me. I'm sorry for the rambling post (how did I have this much to say today?), but I guess I must be excited about finally having something in my hands that might heal my godawful lips.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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