La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Tinted BB Comfort Cream SPF 50+ - review and swatches


I'm glad to be finally posting on this product because it's been up for review for a while, it's just that I've been sneaking in other posts first. 

Plus it's gotten to the point where I've almost finished it, so best I post now while it's still front of mind. Also, I've just been diagnosed with contact dermatitis and now have limits about what I can put on my face over the next six weeks, so I would rather post on this product while I remember exactly what it's like.

Please note: I never intended to own this product. I asked my husband to buy the regular La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen when Priceline had its last big sale, because I'd heard good things about it and wanted to try it (plus I was running out of facial sunscreen at the time).

Unfortunately he accidentally bought this one, and rather than go through the process of trying to exchange it (if my local Priceline had any of the original left, which it mightn't have) I decided to go ahead and use it anyway. After all, it's still sunscreen and I can use it for that if nothing else.

Overall I do think it's a decent product and I've seen plenty of people give it five stars online, but I don't have any use for it personally - so let's just say that it would suit plenty of people but I don't happen to be one of them. 

La Roche-Posay claims/product details:
  • A lightly tinted hydrating formula for a natural glow and tan effect
  • Offers the highest protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • Designed for daily use, leaving your skin naturally luminous and fresh
  • With a new, effective antioxidant complex (AOX Baicalin) to fight free radicals on the skin, this cream is specifically developed to protect sensitive skin from harmful environmental damage
  • With a mild, new fresh and watery scent, this rich but non-oily formula comes in a new, hygienic pump-tube to reduce product wastage and minimise microbial contamination
  • Provides a tinted coverage as an alternative to foundation with the highest UVA/UVB protection (tested to AS/NZS 2604:2012, 'very high') and a high tolerance
  • Protects, moisturises and evens the complexion simultaneously
  • RRP $28.95 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around (we bought ours for half that amount)

Now for swatches.

Below I've done two lots of swatches in direct sunlight, first a heavy one and then a lighter, blended one:

You'll note that the product has an odd, watery texture that separates a little until you rub it in, so it looks a bit weird in swatches but it's fine once applied.

There it is again:


This is one of those times when I'll have to review a product on its merits, even though it's not for me and it's not one I would buy.

It's a lightweight, thin product that's watery but almost gel-like in texture at the same time. It applies and spreads well, and I like the feel of it on my skin. 

It sets down to a tacky finish but it's not super sticky and it doesn't look greasy. Yes there's a slightly radiant finish, but it's a good kind of dew so I wouldn't necessarily ignore this if you have oily skin (if that's you, you could always test some on the back of your hand before committing to a purchase).

I agree that the scent is light and on the fresh side, but I wouldn't say that it smells watery: to me it almost smells like deodorant, which doesn't sound very pleasant but it's not strong so I can live with it and I also can't smell it once it's applied.

What I like about this product is that it doesn't have that traditional sunscreen feel so I'm now hoping that the original Anthelios version will be right up my street, and I can't wait to get my hands on that product the next time Priceline has a big sale.

Indeed, my main issue with this product is that I'm not one for a tint. For me, there's either plain old sunscreen or something with a light (or light-medium) coverage - otherwise there's no purpose to the tint for me because it doesn't even out my complexion. 

Indeed, all it does for me is dye my skin a little darker than it naturally is, which is fine if you're going to the beach and you only want something that makes your face and neck the same colour as your body (for many of us, our faces and necks are paler than our bodies - so something like this might even things out).

But since I'm so rarely at the beach these days, I have no use for this product. For me it's just a sunscreen, and since I traditionally use self-tanner to keep my body and face the same colour, something like this dyes my face darker - which of course isn't what I want.

Overall I think this product generally meets its claims (besides the description of the scent), and I do love the tube-with-pump packaging - indeed, that might just be my favourite packaging for something like this - and I have nothing bad to say about it except that I have no use for it personally.

Decent, but not for me.

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