Darphin Hydraksin Rich Cream - review


As you may know I've just been diagnosed with contact dermatitis so I have restrictions surrounding what I can put on my face, but I'm allowed to use plain old moisturiser if my skin gets dry (which it is) and this is happily one of the products I can use.

And gosh I love it. It turned up in one of my monthly favourites posts last year and I noted then that it's generally a better product for me in winter because it's quite heavy, but I'm using it now in summer because the treatment balm I've been prescribed has really sucked the life from my face. This product has come to the rescue.

As you may know, I explored Darphin's range last year after sampling some products and falling in love with them. I'm happy to say that I ended up loving almost everything I tried from the brand, and probably the only thing that didn't grab me was its cleansing balm.

This cream is happily one of the products I do love, and it agrees with my skin so nicely that I may well buy it again down the track.

Darphin claims/product details:
  • A luxuriously soft cream that continuously moisturises and nourishes normal to dry skin, while providing optimal comfort
  • Infused with hydrating botanicals such as butterfly lavender, this ultra-rich cream comforts the skin and restores natural hydration levels
  • Dry skin is relived of tightness, and appears dewy and hydrated
  • RRP $70 AUD for 50ml


This is a wonderful cream and I'm really enjoying it. Sure, it's rich so it won't be for everyone, but Darphin does offer a lighter version so you can always check that out if you're interested.

It's a white cream with a thick, rich texture and it smells sweet and creamy. It feels wonderfully cooling and quenching when applied, and since my poor skin is so thirsty at the moment, that's exactly what I need.

As mentioned above, I did use this product last summer and it was too much for me so I had to put it aside. What happened is that I started to get a few of those white, under-the-skin bumps and it also felt very heavy on my face, so I put it away until winter and then whipped it out again. It worked a lot better for me in the cooler months and it was the perfect product to apply as an overnight cream.

Indeed, I didn't get super dry, flaky skin last winter and I think this product has a lot to do with that. It's the perfect thing for us dry-skinned lasses to whack on overnight and my skin always feels soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning.

At the moment, when my skin isn't happy with this DermAid 1% that I have to apply twice daily (it's more like a barrier cream in texture so it doesn't hydrate), this is one of the few plain moisturisers I own that feels like it penetrates the barrier cream and keeps my skin feeling as happy as I can probably hope for, given that my face does need constant hydration and always has.

On the claims: yes this feels luxuriously soft; yes it continuously moisturises and nourishes; yes it leaves my dry, dehydrated skin feeling comfortable after use; yes I think it's ultra rich; and yes it restores hydration levels and relieves my skin of tightness, leaving it looking more dewy and healthy.

Overall I think this is an excellent product and while it won't be for everyone (stay clear of this if you're oily!), it certainly works well for me when my skin is at its driest.


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