2018 skincare no buy: essential purchase #2


As you may know, I'm currently on a skincare no buy and up until yesterday, I'd only made one essential purchase - this being a lip mask I needed to treat my dry lips.

That purchase was back on 3 January, and yesterday I made my second essential purchase on the advice of my dermatologist.

As you may know, I currently have contact dermatitis and we've been trying to treat it with DermAid 1%, which hasn't been working - so yesterday my doctor recommended something else to target the texture of the white patches and hopefully get them to hold makeup so that my blush and bronzer don't look patchy when I apply them.

* Image courtesy of priceline.com.au

Above is the cream he recommended: Ego's QV Intensive Cream. 

I used it last night and it is very rich so I can see what he meant by how heavy it is, but I also don't think it's any heavier than the Darphin cream I've been using so I don't hold much hope for what it can do for my skin.

Remember that my skin is already dry and dehydrated, so all my night creams are on the heavy side anyway and the Darphin is the richest I own. The QV doesn't feel much different to that in terms of weight, so I'll be surprised if it achieves anything more.

Anyhoo. This is just a short note to say that I've made my second essential purchase in the space of three months, being halfway through my skincare no buy. And I think we can all agree that if your doctor tells you to buy something, then it's definitely 'essential'! At least it only cost seven bucks, so it didn't break the bank.

Do note that I'll be writing an update on my skincare no buy very soon. I've almost done three months now so I thought it might be interesting/useful to write a short post on how I've been going - just for those who are considering doing a no buy themselves or who are already on one.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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