Project Dent 2018 update: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Brilliant Strobe Light


This morning I wound up Project Dent for Hourglass' Dim Light and I'm back now to do it for this highlighter.

Unfortunately, though, it's a rubbish day for photos so I haven't been able to get sunlight shots - meaning we'll just have to deal with the flat-looking natural light ones. At least they're clear enough.

Speaking of photos, I had meant to get some done today for Project Pan since I'm meant to be doing my monthly updates on or around the 25th (being today), but unfortunately the light's so bad that there's no point taking any until that changes. Hopefully tomorrow.

Anyhoo. This highlighter. I love it but it's not perfect: it contains noticeable glitter and that's not what I personally want in my highlighters. I love everything else about it though. See my review here if you're interested.

Let's make this short and sweet.

Here's how my highlighter looked two weeks ago (photo enhanced for clarity):

And here's how it's looking now, after two weeks' daily use (enhanced for clarity):

As you can see, there's now a dent in the centre of this thing. Sure, it's not a huge dent - but it's definitely there.

While I wouldn't normally see that kind of change in an Hourglass product in only two weeks, in this case we're dealing with a highlighter and my highlighter brush is a lot smaller than eg my bronzer or blush brush, so that's why we're seeing a more concentrated patch of progress. I also tend to use a small brush when I wear this on the eyes, which has certainly helped make visible progress.

Anyhoo. All that's left to do now is work out what product I plan to replace this one with for my next round of Project Dent. Looking forward!

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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