Contact dermatitis: three week update


I realised last night that I'd forgotten to write my three-week update for contact dermatitis on Tuesday, so here I am with it today.

To be honest it's probably better that I waited to write it because I left a message for my dermatologist on Monday, asking him what to do since the DermAid 1% isn't working, and he wasn't able to get back to me until yesterday (he's been away) so I've got more to report now than I did on Tuesday.

Long story short, the DermAid hasn't done anything for the white patches on my skin - all it's done is completely dry me out and give me blemishes - so I wanted to know whether I should keep using it.

Yesterday he told me to leave it (thank god for that), and instead he's told me to start using QV's Intensive Cream overnight. He's hoping that the heavy-duty QV will do something for the texture of the white patches. 

As he noted yesterday, the problem isn't the look of the patches because you can't see them unless you know they're there; instead the issue is that those areas don't hold makeup so my blush and bronzer look patchy over the top. If we change the texture of those areas, the battle is mostly won.

Now I'll be honest: I don't hold any hope for the QV. The thing is, I have dry skin so my night creams are heavy anyway, and I did use the QV last night but didn't find it to be any richer than the Darphin cream I've been using. Guess we'll see.

In other news I'm to stay off the active ingredients until I see him in a few weeks, but I can bring in some other products now. So I've already brought back a serum and an oil, and I'll gradually reintroduce things like masks and cleansers over the next few days. 

That's one good thing about this: my skin has been missing my usual skincare so at least I can bring some of it back to help calm things down after the DermAid, which just didn't agree with me.

In sum

The story of the white patches continues, and I'm a little concerned now that we can't do anything for them. There's also a question mark over whether they're actually the result of contact dermatitis: I guess that question will be answered in due course.

We've already established that they're not sun damage (they shouldn't be - I'm religious with hats and sunscreen), but if they're not responding to treatment, what else could they be?

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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