Contact dermatitis: two week update


It's been two weeks since I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis and as promised I'm back today to let you know how my skin's doing.

If you're interested in seeing last week's update, it's here - and my initial post on my skin issue is here if you missed that. 

Essentially I have white patches on my face that we think came from a vitamin c product I was using, so my dermatologist told me to use DermAid 1% on my face and nothing else, aside from moisturiser if I get dry (which I am), sunscreen when needed and makeup if I go out.

Now when I saw the doctor he told me to drop down to applying the DermAid once daily (instead of the twice daily I've been doing) when I saw some changes to the hypopigmentation. He indicated that this would likely happen by the two-week mark.

It's the two-week mark today and I've noticed no change to the white patches, which of course has me a little worried that the treatment isn't working and that it's not going to work. 

So what I'll do is go for a few more days of twice-daily applications and then I'll email my doctor and ask him what he wants me to do. It may be that he'd prefer me to stop using the DermAid and try something else, or he may tell me to keep going with the twice-daily applications for a little longer. I would just prefer to tell him now that the treatment isn't working (especially because he indicated that it should be by this point), rather than staying on this stuff for six weeks with no results when we could have switched to something else earlier on.

My other concern is that my skin has been breaking out even more. I mentioned in last week's update that I'd been getting a lot more pimples than I normally would, and unfortunately that trend has continued so I'm now breaking out everywhere. This is concerning because I have dry skin so I never get break-outs like these ones (blackheads/whiteheads yes, the big ones no) and I'm worried that my skin is losing the plot.

I mean, if all this DermAid is doing is making my skin super dry/dehydrated and giving me acne, then of course I don't want to keep using it. If it were working then things would be different, but it's not so I'm questioning whether it's worth continuing with it. Another reason to contact my doctor.

I'll stop here because there's not much else to say, but I will contact the doctor over the next few days and let you know what he says when I'm back for my update in week three.

I'm telling you, my skin's crying out for its usual routine - the hydrating oils and the products that make it look and feel healthier like Alpha-H's Liquid Gold - so it hasn't been easy to leave those things aside in favour of something that's making my face throw a huge tantrum. Boo foo boo.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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