Project Pan 2018 mini update #4


This post was meant to go up yesterday but it was one of those days that turned into an oddly busy one.

Part of the issue is that we're having a 40th for Mex in a couple of weeks, so of course there's a lot of cleaning, planning and organising that's going into that and I'm finding myself even shorter on time than usual.

I shall live.

The first item I finished was this La Roche-Posay Uvidea BB Cream.

I was looking forward to trying this because I'd heard good things about it, but unfortunately I didn't like it at all. 

It caked up on my face and clung to dry patches, and the only way I could get through it was by mixing one third in with equal parts of an illuminator and another BB cream.

No one likes being a chemist when they're in a rush to get ready in the morning, so I'm glad to say this one's done.

Next, my Rimmel lipstick in 700 Better & Brighter.

I hated this product and it's just a reminder that Rimmel can't seem to make a lip product that works for me. 

It was drying, it emphasised lip texture and it didn't wear well; plus it slid around so it often travelled outside my lip lines and into my mouth. Blurgh.

Glad it's gone!

There's my marker sheet above. 

You'll note that there wasn't a hell of a lot left of the Rimmel lipstick; which is why it wasn't on my list for long. 

These lipsticks also have a tendency to melt with frequent use, so my bullet was a lot thinner than a normal bullet by the time it came to panning it.

As for my replacements:

First, my Mecca Lit from Within Illuminating Primer (reviewed here). 

I don't mind this product but there's not a place for it in my collection: I've learned that I don't need an illuminating primer and I would much rather use a hydrating one and add a liquid illuminator if that's what I want on any given day.

There are my markers:

You'll note that I've already marked this twice: that's because I was going to bring this product in last month but I decided to hold off because my list was full enough already.

So I've already used over half of this primer, but there was a huge 45ml to start with so I've still got a reasonable amount left. 

But I'll use it every day beneath the other primer I'm panning or mixed in with my foundation, so I hope to be through it within a few months.

Next, my Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in 01 Rose.

I've used one of these before but didn't review it, which is why I wanted to use this daily via Project Pan - that way I'll use it often enough to review it.

I also wanted something 'easy' for my list (this is a mini) because I have a lot of larger items on my list that will be hanging around for a while, so it's good to include products that won't last long.

There's only 1g of product in this mini so I'll burn through it within the next few weeks, giving myself an easy opportunity to knock another lip balm out of my collection before my March updated makeup inventory post.

And as mentioned above, using it frequently via Project Pan will also enable me to review it, so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

In sum

That's all from me!

I hope you're going well with your own panning projects, and that everything's well with you xx

Speak soon x

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