Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy - review


This lip balm was available a while ago as a 100 point perk from Sephora, and I decided to grab it because it has some great reviews and I have super dry lips so I'm always up for trying another balm.

Unfortunately it doesn't work for me at all so I can't give it a good review, but it has 4.5 stars on Sephora's website so it obviously works for many - just not me.

Fresh claims/product details:

  • An ultra-nourishing lip treatment 
  • Proven to significantly boost moisture, enhance volume and improve the definition of the lip area
  • Helps smooth the lips, keeping them moisturised for 24 hours
  • Also helps protect the lips overnight, removing dry flakes and improving the condition of dry lips
  • RRP $35 AUD for 4.3g, but do shop around

What's good about this sample is that it's a decent 2.2g in size (so just over half the full-sized product), and it's also made very well.

The packaging is metal and has some weight to it, and it's one of the best-made samples I've used. Mind you, the bullet itself is rather thin and quite long, so go easy on it or it will break (mine already has - twice, in two different spots).

There's the product:


This product isn't awful but it's dried my lips out (or at least failed to moisturise them: they're already dry) so I can't personally recommend it - keeping in mind that it seems to work a lot better for other people so it could just be me.

It's a standard clear balm that comes in a nice metal tube. I love the packaging because it feels luxe and has some weight to it, although as mentioned, the sample is so thin that it's already snapped more than once, no matter how careful I am with it.

The product spreads and applies well, and it's not sticky but it is on the slippery side so it won't last on the lips that long (which I wouldn't expect it to, given that it's a balm and most balms don't last well).

While it feels reasonably nourishing and hydrating when applied, pretty soon I'm aware that it's sitting on top of my lips and not delivering moisture, which means that my lips are crying out for 'real' hydration so I have to remove this and apply something else.

Note that I was trying it during the day to start with, and when that wasn't working for me, I switched to using it overnight to see how that went. What I've found is that I'm needing to apply it a few times overnight because my poor lips are so dry and the product doesn't stay put, and I'm also waking up with very sore, chapped lips that crack when I speak or smile.

Overall this product doesn't work for me and it doesn't meet any of its claims in my experience, so I can't give it a good review. Perhaps if your lips aren't as naturally dry as mine are, then it might be ok - but I can't use this and I'm going to have to pass it on to someone else.


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