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Funnily enough, my doctor told me about this product: he has two daughters and one of them is a beauty junkie, and she'd said this was the best thing she'd ever put on her face.

Since he knows I'm beauty obsessed too, he recommended it to me. Perhaps there's something wrong when your doctor is enabling you (!), but I'm glad he did: it's a great little product and I'm pleased to have found it.

Now I want to note from the outset that this is one of those products that claims to lift dead skin cells from your face and turn them into little hard bits of gunk (so your dead skin balls up like pilling wool). I didn't know this before I tried it so when I made that discovery, I was suspicious because I've used products like that before and none of them has worked.

Indeed, my experience of these products (I've tried three in the past) is that the product itself is doing the pilling and it does absolutely nothing for dead skin cells. So when I used it the first time and felt it balling up, I believed it would do the same thing. But it didn't. I'm convinced that it works on your skin itself. Huzzah!

Cure claims/product details:

  • A gentle, water-based exfoliant made from natural plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary
  • Effectively sloughs off dead skin cells without irritating or harming skin, making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin types
  • Includes a long list of ingredients designed to promote vital skin health
  • Free of many potentially harmful substances, including parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, sulphate and ammonia
  • To use: apply after cleansing face; gently massage gel into skin and see the dead skin cells immediately peel off into tiny white balls; rinse well with water and then pat skin dry
  • RRP $28 AUD for 250ml (I've seen this priced at over $100 AUD but the best price is on ebay)


This is a good product and I recommend it.

It's a clear, runny gel that comes in a pump bottle. I detect a very faint, fresh and water-like smell to the product, but it's barely there so I would agree that it's fragrance free.

I apply this to my face a few times a week after cleansing. I use three small pumps, and I prefer doing this over using two large pumps because then I can work in sections: so I apply one small pump to one cheek and massage that over my skin, then I apply another to my other cheek and massage it in before finishing on my forehead.

This product works. I could tell that from the first time I used it. That is, it's actually removing dead skin from my face so it's my skin that's balling up and not the product itself. How can I tell this? I guess because it feels like the dead skin is lifting off my face, and my skin also feels very smooth, soft and refined after use.

Also, if I use the product for three days running, the amount of gunk that balls up on my face reduces as the days pass (because obviously there's less dead skin to remove if you use it on consecutive days). Plus if I use the product after I've just used a chemical peel or exfoliant, there's also less dead skin that's balling up because the original treatment has already removed most of it.

But my own experience wasn't enough for me: given that I've used three of these before and none of them worked, I wanted to know what others thought of this product. Thankfully YouTube saved the day and there's a lass called Memosne who actually performed a scientific experiment on this product (here's the video). She concluded via the use of science that this product is definitely removing dead skin and it's not just balling up on itself. Yay.

Overall I think this is a great product and I recommend it. It does what it says it will do: it removes dead skin very gently without the use of harsh chemicals or exfoliating grains, so it's a great one to try if you have sensitive skin. Plus you get a lot of product in the bottle and you can find it for less than $30 AUD if you shop around.


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