Real Techniques Brow Brush - review


This is the last brush from my Real Techniques starter set for eyes that I have left to review. I've saved it 'till last because it's the worst brush in the set and the one I use least.

As with most other brushes in the set, I don't think it's a good brush for its intended purpose - and while I have found ways to use it, it's not one I would have chosen for myself because I don't think it's super good for anything.

Real Techniques claims/product details:
  • Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows
  • Designed by Samantha Chapman, makeup artist 
  • Made with hand-cut synthetic taklon bristles and aluminium handles 
  • RRP $45 AUD for the five-brush starter set, but do shop around (I paid about $25) 


You can see from the above photos that it's quite a thick brush, meaning it's pretty useless for filling in your brows because you can't easily get in between the hairs and place colour where you want it. I've also tried using it for highlighting the browbone but it's too wide for that purpose as well.

Indeed, I've seen very few people say that this is a good brow brush: most reviewers say it's too big, and I completely agree with that.

Apparently Sam Chapman also suggests using it as an eyeliner brush, but I reckon it's too fat for that as well.

I think you could possibly use it as a lip brush, but I don't bother applying lip products with a brush so I can't comment on that particular function.

I've used it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes (I just use the tip), but it's too fiddley for that purpose - again, because it's too big - and I've only used it for that when my preferred brush is due to be washed.

I also occasionally use it when I'm applying colour to the crease. Since I have puffy eyes, it helps to have a thinner-than-usual crease brush to get colour in there. But once I've applied that colour, I use a different brush to smoke the colour upwards/outwards and also to blend any harsh lines, since this brush isn't good for those purposes.

In sum, I don't think this is a particularly useful brush and I only reach for it occasionally because it's there.

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