John Frieda Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo & Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner - review


I received these travel sized haircare products in the Winter Edit of Marie Claire's The Parcel (reviewed here).

My first thought was that they wouldn't suit my hair because the range is called 'Beach Blonde' and I'm a brunette, but Marie Claire must have predicted that non-blondes would think this because the description card that came with the box assured us that the range was for hair of all shades.

John Frieda claims/product details (shampoo):
  • This minty-cool cleanser purifies hair to remove daily dirt and excess product, prepping it for the ultimate beachy, laid back styles
  • The invigorating seaweed formula detoxifies and quenches thirsty, heat-damaged hair
  • Mild, low pH formula for effortless beach-worthy hair
  • Perfect for blondes and brunettes too!
  • RRP $15.99 AUD for 295ml, but do shop around

John Frieda claims/product details (conditioner):
  • This minty-fresh, lightweight detangler calms and smooths dry, knotted hair
  • Infused with omega-rich kukui oil and energising mint, it nourishes hair and refreshes the scalp, restoring shine to parched strands
  • Leaves hair shiny, easy-to-comb and prepped-to-style for effortless beach-worthy hair
  • Perfect for blondes and brunettes too!
  • RRP $15.99 AUD for 295ml, but do shop around


First, the shampoo. They weren't kidding when they called this one a purifying shampoo! It's definitely clarifying - so much so that it leaves my dry hair feeling stripped and thirsty for moisture, so it's not one I would use every day and I recommend using a heavy duty conditioner or mask/treatment after use to replenish the hair.

I love the smell of this - it's so minty fresh and energising that I get a lift whenever I use it. It smells like spearmint gum, and if you don't like strong-smelling products, do be aware that the scent packs a punch.

It does a good job of cleansing but it's so harsh that it's not one I'd use on a regular basis. It's a good one to use if you've got build up on your hair that you're struggling to remove with other products.

On the conditioner, it's ok but I don't think it has earned its 'detangling' stripes. When I first used the shampoo and conditioner combined, they left my hair dry, stripped, frizzy and so thirsty that I needed to add heaps of oil to make it feel hydrated.

Over the next few uses, I worked out that if I really slathered on the conditioner, my hair felt a lot better than it did the first time around. But you shouldn't need to use that much product to get an effect - and this of course makes the product bad value because the bottle won't last as long as other conditioners do.

It has the same refreshing scent as the shampoo (it just doesn't smell as strong), and I enjoy using it for that reason.

In terms of claims, the shampoo definitely removes dirt and excess product, but it certainly doesn't quench thirsty/heat-damaged hair - it has the reverse effect! The conditioner is indeed lightweight and it does nourish the hair and restore shine - but only if you use a truckload of the stuff.

(I won't even comment on the 'beach worthy' claims because, to me, that's just marketing spin and it doesn't really mean anything. If you want your hair to look like you've been to the beach, go for a swim and let the salt water take care of the rest!)

In sum, I think the shampoo is better for normal/oily hair that isn't fragile and dry like mine, and while the conditioner is ok, it's not one I would buy since I need to use so much to make my hair feel hydrated.

If your hair is on the dry side, stick to using these products occasionally when there's a build up of gunk in your hair that you need to strip off.

Ok products but not great.

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