Natures Organics Australian Pure Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover - review


We were out grocery shopping and I saw this product in the clearance bin for the grand price of $2.50, and I needed a makeup remover so I thought I might as well give it a go.

It's ok but I don't love it, though you can't complain when something costs this little and does an ok job - plus it stands up to more expensive makeup removers that I've tried, even though I don't love using it.

Natures Organics claims/product details:
  • Enriched with extracts of Kakadu plum and almond oil 
  • Gently removes makeup from the eyes and eyelashes
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or animal-derived ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • RRP $4.99 for 250ml


The first thing to note about this product is the consistency: it's a milky liquid that doesn't always seep well into my makeup pad and I often lose splashes on the floor that have hit the pad and recoiled. I'm not sure why this happens but I've never experienced it before, so be careful to go gently when you pour this one out or you'll keep having to clean up after yourself like I do.

The next thing to note is that this product is indeed gentle and I've experienced no issues with using it on my sensitive eyes. It has a very faint fragrance that's almost undetectable, so if you prefer unscented products, you might like this.

The product's biggest downfall is that it doesn't remove mascara, which is rather problematic since it's meant to be an eye makeup remover (!). Having said this, I can't think of any remover I've used that successfully removes all my mascara, so I wouldn't discount this product for that reason alone.

It does remove other makeup but I don't think it does this as well as other products I've used, and I need to apply quite a bit of it to get the job done. Even then it doesn't do an amazing job and I need to rely on my cleanser to remove everything - but again, I've had this issue with other, more expensive removers, so the product doesn't fail massively on that front either.

Also, it's not an oily product so if you don't like oily removers, this is one to consider - particularly if you have sensitive skin because this one's very gentle.

All in all, this remover is ok but I don't love it and I wouldn't buy it again. You can't complain about the price though!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wouldnt purchase again, dose not seep into cottons balls well, does not remove waterproof marscara, and my eyelids felt sore using it.

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