Elizabeth Arden Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment - review


I was sent this product to review, and I was super excited because it looks so fancy and special. It's also very pricey, which always makes me nervous because I never want to fall in love with something that costs this much!

It's a four-week program that contains four little serums and one dropper. When you start each week, you press the cap to mix the fluids in each vial, then you take off the cap and use the dropper to apply it. There are the vials below:

What I decided to do for review purposes is track each week and let you know what each one did, while also letting you know how my skin looked once I'd finished the treatment. I'll go into all that below.

Essentially I think the product did do something for my skin and I enjoyed using it, but it honestly didn't do any more than the AHA products and peels that I normally use - and if anything, some of the ones I already own are more effective. Plus they're a lot cheaper. Something to keep in mind.

Elizabeth Arden claims/product details:

  • A new, intensive 4-week at-home face peeling treatment formulated to provide increasingly stronger resurfacing benefits, plus powerful antioxidant protection, to reveal smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin
  • Hydroxy acids are naturally derived acids that gently exfoliate surface skin cells; the hydroxy acid resurfacing power increases gradually over 4 weeks to condition your skin for the stronger levels of acid at the end of the treatment
  • Week 1: radiance and clarity are restored
  • Week 2: fine lines and pores are visibly diminished
  • Week 3: deeper lines are visibly reduced
  • Week 4: tone is evened; skin looks younger
  • Apply nightly after cleansing
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Clinically and dermatologist tested
  • RRP $205 AUD for 4 x 10ml


I was so excited to receive this and I've enjoyed using it because there's something very luxurious about it that made me feel special.

As mentioned above, the treatment comes in a box with four little serums, and you press the cap when you open each one to mix the fluids - after which the clear fluid turns orange. Each bottle should last a week.

I used mine over a four-week period for review purposes, although I would probably have preferred to use it every second night because I often felt like my skin needed a break and I don't think that extending things would have sacrificed efficacy. Of course, this would also have meant that it lasted me two months instead of one, making it better value.

What I'll do now is talk about what I experienced during each week of the treatment, then I'll give you my thoughts on the product as a whole.

Week 1: Within three days, my skin was visibly brighter, smoother and more awake-looking. I loved how my skin looked and felt during this period. My husband even noticed that my skin looked better, which tells you something.

Week 2: My skin became parched and papery (noting that I have dry skin to start with). I also found that I needed to douse my face in oil after use to help with the dryness, although my skin still felt and looked older (my fine lines and wrinkles were more pronounced during this period). I would love to have used the product on alternate evenings during this week.

Week 3: Happily my skin readjusted and I got on a lot better with this stage of the treatment. My face felt/looked less dry and thin, and I didn't need to coat my face in oil. During this week, a few blemishes came to the surface (I don't normally get those because my skin's dry) and my fine lines/wrinkles looked the same as they did before week two. My face also felt smoother during this week. I think we can say that this was the purging week of the treatment for me personally.

Week 4: My skin clarity improved and my skin now looks more even. It also looks brighter and healthier. There's no change to my skin texture, though (ie, pores, fine lines and wrinkles), and whatever changes I do notice aren't that marked.

As a whole, I think this treatment did something for my face but I would want to see some pretty amazing results from something that costs this much and also requires a full month of use. Note that I didn't notice any real difference in strength between the different weeks of the treatment (and I'm not the first person to have said this), and although it says that the bottles get stronger over time, I couldn't tell that while I was using it.

Overall I think this is a good treatment, but to be honest, I've used various AHA treatments/peels etc that are just as effective as this one (some even more so), and they cost a fraction of the price so I wouldn't buy this for myself. Still, I think it's a good product and it's easy to use, so if you want to splurge on something luxurious, this may suit you and it does a reasonable job.

Nice but expensive.

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