Mecca Enlightened Illuminating Body Oil - review


We received this body oil as our Mecca birthday gift last year, and it took me a while to get to it because at the time I had a lot of body creams and oils in stock that needed to be used first.

But I've been using it consistently over the last month so I'm ready to review it, and while I think it's ok, it's not something I would spend my money on because it's expensive and I don't need a product like this. More on that below.

Mecca claims/product details:

  • Hydrate while adding a touch of glam to your limbs with this nourishing body oil
  • With the infusion of a subtle, radiant illuminator
  • A must-have for the next event where you get your legs out
  • This ultra hydrating, quick absorbing body oil imparts a long-lasting, subtle shimmer
  • Providing you with summer in a bottle, apply this lightweight oil anywhere a little extra hydration is required 
  • Fast drying oil that won't leave marks on clothing, with the subtle shimmer washing off in the shower
  • RRP $25 AUD for 50ml or $48 for 100ml

Note that I'm always really excited about Mecca's birthday gifts, but not this one because it's just not a product I need.

Also note that the reviews on Mecca's website aren't great, so looks like other people have had a similar reaction to mine - and they do make the same kinds of comments that I have below.


This oil is fine but I don't need a shimmery body oil and I certainly don't need one that's this expensive, so I wouldn't buy it and I don't see any point in it - at least, not in my case.

It's a thick, clear oil that's loaded with fine champagne shimmer. It smells creamy (kind of like shea butter) and the scent is reasonably strong (plus it lingers), so the product mightn't be for you if you don't like strong fragrances.

The texture is quite thick so I need more of this oil than I do others, and it doesn't spread as well as I would like so I need more per application, meaning I'm getting through the bottle faster than I would like - not a good thing, given how expensive it is.

While I do think it moisturises a little bit, it also leaves a sticky finish so I suspect that it won't be for everyone, and I also think that not all of it is absorbing and nourishing my skin where I need it most: indeed, in many ways it's more of a 'surface' product that's designed to make you look radiant, rather than an effective moisturiser. So I would steer clear of this if you need hydration, because this likely won't deliver.

Note also that I've seen a number of people comment not only on how sticky this is, but also on the annoying packaging. I have to agree. It's one of those arrangements where you get a little dropper-hole in the cap, and it takes a while to dispense enough product. And given that I need more of this than I do other oils, this means that the process of applying it takes a lot longer than it should.

As for the shimmer, look, I suppose it looks nice on the skin but this isn't a necessary product to have in my case. It's a lot easier to run a powder highlighter down the shins or along the collarbones than it is to apply this, or otherwise you can just buy your own (much cheaper and more effective) body oil and add some shimmer to it. A product like this seems redundant, or maybe that's just me.

Overall I think this oil is ok but it's not worth the price-tag in my opinion and it's not without issue. It's not hydrating enough for my dry skin, it leaves a sticky residue, I'm burning through the bottle and the packaging is annoying.

Not for me.

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