NuFACE Optimising Mist - review


I bought this travel-sized mist to make up the value of a Mecca order so I could get free shipping, and I'm glad I did because I'm really enjoying it.

While I have had issues with the packaging (the spray is too forceful and it also leaves droplets on my face that disturb my makeup), what I've done is decant the mist into another container - and since then, I've been getting on very well with it. Yes it's more expensive than what I would typically pay for a face spray, but I like it enough that I may well treat myself to the full-size later on.

NuFACE claims/product details:

  • A 3-in-1 mist that works to optimise, refresh and hydrate the complexion
  • Infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera
  • Mist on top of your NuFACE Gel Primer for prolonged activation, or use after cleansing 
  • Can also be used under or over makeup for soft, silky and healthy-looking skin
  • RRP $15 AUD for 29ml or $44 AUD for 118ml


I don't know much about this brand and I haven't tried any of its other products, but this mist is lovely and I definitely recommend it if you want something hydrating and refreshing.

It's a standard mist that comes in a spray bottle. While I can't speak to the full-size, this mini version doesn't have a good pump if you want to apply the product over makeup (it's too forceful and not fine enough, so it disturbs my makeup), and it's annoying to have to decant it into another bottle but that's what I've done and I'm now loving it.

What I like about this is that it's incredibly cooling and soothing when applied (it reminds me of Mario Badescu's Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea version, reviewed here, which admittedly is a lot cheaper than this one). My face just feels refreshed when I use this, and it's a lovely feeling.

It's also hydrating enough for my dry skin and that's a huge plus for me personally because not all mists are, especially now that it's getting colder and my skin is getting drier. I love that it gives my parched skin a big drink and also removes any powdery look from my makeup, so it's a good one to spritz if I've just done my face and want everything to merge and settle.

I also like that it adds some radiance to my face without making me look too glowy if I do subsequent applications. Some mists look great the first time you use them, but start to make you look shiny if you need to reapply them every couple of hours. I don't have that issue with this product. Yay.

The other thing this does is plump up my skin and reduce the look of lines (albeit for perhaps an hour or two after application), and that's something I look for in my face mists so it's gone straight to the list of potential purchases. There's nothing better than having something that breathes life back into my face if eg I've been in an air-conditioned environment, and this does the job nicely.

As for product claims, it generally meets those and I absolutely agree that it hydrates and refreshes the complexion. It's definitely a product that I would like to keep on-hand in summer, so I might buy one for myself as the weather heats up again.

Overall, this is a great little product and I recommend it. I'm not pleased about the price-tag because I get through mists so quickly that I prefer to buy cheaper ones, but I suppose it's not ridiculously expensive so I can't rule it out completely.

Definitely worth trying.

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