Madara Micellar Water - review


I received this product as a GWP a while ago and I included it in one of my recent samples posts because I have so many larger samples in the cupboard that I need to start getting through some of them.

I've now been using it for a couple of weeks and I'm getting towards the end of the bottle so I need to review it while I still have it. Long story short, it's ok but it's not very effective so I wouldn't buy it or recommend it. More on that below.

Madara claims/product details:

  • Ideal for all skin types, this micellar water works to remove makeup and impurities, and balance and hydrate the skin in one easy step
  • Suitable for daily use and perfect for travel, it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and it works to deliver a burst of refreshing moisture
  • Formulated with natural oil micelles dispersed in a soothing, toning base of aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel
  • Also contains antioxidant-rich northern peony root extract to protect the skin from environmental damage, and plumping hyaluronic acid to smooth, soften and hydrate
  • RRP $14.95 AUD for 50ml or $22.95 AUD for 100ml


I don't hate this product but I don't love it either. Sure it's gentle, but it's not super effective and I wouldn't buy it for myself. Worth noting is that it's had mixed reviews online (some love it while others agree that it's not very effective), so if you're interested in it, I would test it first or buy the smaller bottle to see how you go with it before committing to the outlay.

It's a fluid product with that smells sweet and clean. You apply it to a cotton pad and then run it over your face to remove makeup and grime.

From the moment I used it, I could tell that it wasn't a 'heavy duty' product. Some micellars really cut through grease while others don't do the job so well, and this falls in the latter category.

In many ways it's like Bioderma's offering (reviewed here), which doesn't work as well for me as it does for others. Perhaps I'm just not suited to extra gentle micellars and need something with more punch.

I use mine in the evening to remove makeup and it doesn't do a great job of that, so I need to get the rest of my makeup off with something else. It doesn't remove waterproof eye makeup - not even close - and it has enough trouble dealing with the 'easy' stuff like tinted moisturiser and face powders.

On the claims: no I don't think it removes makeup and impurities well; no I don't think it balances the skin but I suppose it's a little hydrating; no I don't think it delivers a burst of refreshing moisture; no I don't think it's soothing or toning; and no I don't think it plumps or softens my skin either.

Honestly, it's just about as effective as plain old water on my skin and my face feels the same after use as it would have if I'd used plain old water. I do agree that it's gentle, though, so if you have sensitive skin and don't want to fork out the money for Bioderma's offering, this may be one to try.

Overall this isn't a bad product but it's not effective enough for me and I think you can do better. Sure it's gentle, but if you want something that's cheaper and more effective while still being gentle, my personal favourite is Garnier's oil version (reviewed here).


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