Nivea Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Protecting Day Cream SPF 30 - review


This product was sent to me for review, and I'm glad it was because I might never have tried it otherwise. It works beautifully for me and I really like it.

The good news about this cream is that it contains sunscreen and I've struggled to find decent day creams that also protect my skin, but this one ticks both boxes and I would absolutely buy it for myself. More on that below.

Nivea claims/product details:

  • This patented formula effectively fights lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin tangibly firmer
  • Q10, a powerful antioxidant and natural ageing defence, is combined with creatine
  • SPF 30 and UVA/UVB protection help protect the skin against sun-induced wrinkle formation and premature skin-ageing
  • Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles in four weeks
  • Offers tangibly firmer skin in two weeks
  • Intensively nourishes skin for 24 hours
  • RRP $21.99 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around


I'm really enjoying this product and I would absolutely buy it for myself.

It's a thick, rich cream with a smooth and buttery texture. It spreads and absorbs well, and a little goes a long way so you don't need much per application and the tub should last a good while.

What I love about this cream is that it's perfect for my dry skin, especially now that it's getting colder and my skin is drier. Something like this is exactly what my skin needs, and I recommend it if you want something to target tightness and discomfort. Note that it may be too heavy for you if you're oily, though, so I suspect it won't be for everyone.

I use this every morning after my serum and my face immediately feels nourished and comfortable after use. It also feels a little firmer and the cream has a temporary plumping effect, so it reduces the look of fine lines for a couple of hours after application.

The hydration this offers lasts throughout the day so my face hasn't felt dry while I've been using it, and I also think the thick texture offers a protective element that my skin enjoys.

Plus I love that the product contains a good dose of sunscreen, and while I've struggled to find decent day creams that also protect my skin, this one fits the bill nicely and it's not too greasy for me, nor does it clog pores.

Overall I think this is a great little product and I recommend it. I also love that it's reasonably priced (especially if you can find it on special), and I would absolutely buy it for myself.

Definitely worth trying.

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