Soap & Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel - review


I introduced this shower gel in one of my samples posts recently, and over the past month or two I've been using it on nights when I'm not testing other gels.

Indeed, it's been the time for shower gels and I've been switching between four or five, most of them minis. In terms of how this compares, I do like it but I prefer the Weleda version I'm using (reviewed here) - and since the Weleda has spoiled me, I'm not really interested in this one. Still, this works and you could do a lot worse.

Soap & Glory claims/product details:

  • Clean On Me is an award-winning, creamy clarifying shower gel 
  • With natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion
  • For soft, smooth, sexy skin whenever you want it
  • To use: apply a handful to damp skin, rub it into a thick, luxurious lather, then rinse thoroughly
  • RRP $4 for 75ml or $11 AUD for 500ml


I don't mind this product but I don't think it's as good as the rave reviews suggest and I've used plenty of better shower gels, although of course, as always it comes down to personal preference.

It's a pale peach product that's a creamy gel in texture, and it has a faint mandarin peel scent that shouldn't bother most people because it's not strong. Indeed, I was surprised by the light scent because all the other Soap & Glory products I've used have smelled rather strong. I do prefer a decent natural scent in my body products, I must say - although perhaps that's just me.

The product does lather but I wouldn't say it foams unless I put it on a shower puff, and it doesn't feel too astringent on the skin. Do note, though, that it contains not only parfum but also sodium laureth sulphate, so it may be irritating to some and I would keep that in mind if you have sensitive skin.

I've been using this two or three times a week for the past two months so I'm getting to the end of my bottle now, and I haven't really noticed using it during that time. Indeed, I almost forgot to post on it! And given that I have a few different mini body washes in the shower at the moment, this tells me that it's not a stand-out and I have been making myself use it because I'd prefer to use one of my other options. So we can say that it's not my favourite.

In terms of effect, for me it cleans well without stripping my dry skin, and I do think it's lightly moisturising so that's a plus. I also like that the pH isn't too high - around a six, according to my pH strips - so it's not too alkaline and it should suit those who don't want something that may dry out their skin.

Where it falls down, though, is in the experience of using it. I don't look forward to using it, I don't notice when I'm using it and I can barely smell it while I'm using it either - so the experience just isn't there and I prefer shower products that offer me at least some enjoyment. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would say that.

Overall I think this product is fine and it's excellent value at only $11 AUD for 500ml, but it hasn't grabbed me and I wouldn't buy it again. It's just a body wash that works and doesn't dry out my skin. So it's fine to use and it's absolutely worth trying, it's just that I have things I love using so of course I'd prefer to reach for those.


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