Pan that Palette 2019 update: I've recharged my palette!


Hello and welcome to my first palette-recharge for the year. It may well be my only recharge for 2019 but we'll see: it depends how quickly I can get through some of the shadows and also the bronzer.

This will just be a quick update to show you what my palette looked like earlier today, and what it looks like now after I've recharged it. I'll also let you know which shadows I've brought in, but I won't bother commenting too much on the ones that have been in my palette all year.

So, here's how my palette looked before I recharged it:

And here's how it's looking now: 

As you can see, I've taken out the empty blush pan and the (almost empty) bronzer pans. I've also removed the two gold round pans, because I liked those shadows too much and didn't want to finish them this year.

Let's work in sections.

First up, my Kevyn Aucoin shadows:

These haven't changed but I'm showing them to you for completeness. You can see that I've made some progress on a few shadows here, but I've got my work cut out for me and I don't expect to finish them all this year.

Next, my newly added Kevyn Aucoin bronzer:

Enhanced for clarity:

This bronzer obviously had a little accident when I de-potted it, but I don't mind that because it still works just as well. Do note that I haven't reviewed this bronzer yet and I should have by now, so I'll be aiming to do that very soon. Long story short, I love the formula and it applies and blends beautifully.

I've no idea how long this will take me to pan, but I can say that the product contains 10g and it works well as an eyeshadow too, so I'll definitely get through it eventually. Most likely it will be done by the end of the year, but it's quite pigmented so we'll see.

Next up, some Becca mattes and a shimmery bronze I mixed myself:

Enhanced for clarity:

The bottom two shades were already part of my challenge so I won't comment on those, but the top two showing pan are from my Becca Ombre Nudes Palette and I've included them because I have a good chance of finishing them this year.

The dark brown will work well for my brows (once I've finished the similar shade in my Too Faced palette) and the other one will replace some of the paler mattes once I finish those.

Last up, four miscellaneous shadows:

Enhanced for clarity:

The shimmer on the right was already part of my challenge so let's leave that for now. On the left we have the remains of Nars Sin, which never worked as a blush on me but it makes a good eyeshadow. The two warm shades in the middle are from Bleach London, and I'm including those to breathe a little life into the palette.

In sum

That's all from me! I'm pleased that I've been able to recharge this palette fairly early in the year, and I'm looking forward to sticking my head down and making some good progress on everything in here. While I certainly won't be able to finish everything in one year, my aim will be to whittle things down and then continue working on some of these shades next year.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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