Darphin Exquisage Cream - review


I received this sample cream from Mecca and I read the reviews of it on Mecca's website before opening it. In hindsight I think this was a bad idea because those reviews are so glowing that I was expecting to be blown away by this product - and I haven't been.

I can see why people like it, but on my skin it doesn't absorb well and I can feel it sitting there for ages after application. I'm not too sad about that because this cream is expensive, so I'm happy it's not on the wishlist!

Darphin claims/product details:
  • This velvet soft moisturiser quickly reinvigorates skin with hydration
  • Formulated with a breakthrough complex and skin strengthening probiotics
  • Works to improve elasticity and firm the skin
  • Lines and wrinkles appear softened 
  • The complexion takes on a radiant glow
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • RRP $130 AUD for 50ml


This is a nicely thick cream that melts across the skin and feels beautiful on. There's something velvety about it and I enjoy using it for that reason alone.

It doesn't leave a greasy residue and seems to have an almost-mattifying effect, rather than leaving your skin looking slick or overly dewy.

It has a pleasant scent and there's something luxurious about it, and I can see why a lot of people rave about this product: it just feels special and not all expensive products do.

Unfortunately, that's where the good stuff ends for me. My issue with it is that it seems to coat my skin, rather than sinking in and delivering the hydration I need. Maybe it's just me, but this definitely doesn't absorb well and I can feel it sitting on top of my skin for ages after use.

Indeed, if I apply it as a night cream, I can still feel it on top of my skin in the morning and it ends up getting washed off when I cleanse my face in the morning. For this reason, it leaves my face looking rather dull, rather than delivering the glowing, radiant complexion that other reviewers have mentioned when it comes to this product.

If I apply it as a day cream, I find that my primer and/or my tinted moisturiser don't like this cream at all, and they often 'pill'/ball-up over the top of this, which shows that the cream doesn't actually absorb but instead acts as a barrier cream so nothing can penetrate if added on top of it.

I guess what I'm saying is that it acts more like a face mask on my skin - something that needs to be washed off after use.  So I wouldn't say that it meets any of its claims, since it doesn't work for me as intended. What I may do with the remainder of the sample is use it as an overnight mask, although I don't love it for that purpose either because it doesn't hydrate and plump overnight as other products do.

In sum, I'm not loving this cream - but that could just be me because I seem to be in the minority when it comes to this product, if the Mecca reviews are anything to go by.

Not for me.

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