Marie Claire's The Parcel, Spring 2015 Edit - 20th Anniversary Edition


Pennies are even tighter than usual in our house because we're going through the process of moving, so my $50 per month beauty budget has been dropped for the foreseeable future - meaning that the arrival of subscription boxes is even more exciting that it usually is.

I was thrilled when the postie showed up with this today: I wasn't expecting this box until at least tomorrow, and for once in my life I hadn't stalked Facebook looking for spoilers, so I had no idea what was in store.

As you can see, it's a jam packed box as always. The Parcel is probably the best value of all the Australian beauty boxes, but for me it's not the most exciting because the x factor just isn't there.

Problem is, it contains mainstream brands and I've never discovered a new or interesting brand through The Parcel - which is one of the reasons I subscribe to boxes like these in the first place. So while you do tend to get bang for your buck with The Parcel, if you're like me and already have an interest in beauty (so you already have far too much stuff), The Parcel mightn't be an exciting box for you either.

There's the card. The best items in the box are probably the John Frieda pair, and fortunately they're designed for my hair so I'll use them.

Otherwise the Clinique serum stands out and I'm always pleased to see something from MOR.

There's only one makeup item in this month's box so I suspect a few people will be disappointed with that. I don't mind it because I have too much makeup already and I'm much more likely to use skincare and haircare.

Any box that's full of stuff you'll actually use is always a plus.

St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower (RRP $39.99 for 200ml; received 50ml sample)

Now I love St Tropez products, but this one has annoyed me already and I haven't even used it!

You apply it to wet skin in the shower, waiting for three minutes before rinsing and patting dry. Your tan will apparently develop through the day and you're meant to use it every day.

This all sounds too hard - I would much prefer a plain tanning body cream that doesn't require me to turn the shower off and stand around. Still, I'll try it. It's meant to give you a streak-free glow and offers up to 24 hour hydration.

We'll see.

Redwin Coconut Balm (RRP $5.99 for 25g; received full size)

I haven't actually used anything with coconut oil in it yet, so I'm pleased to receive this. It's apparently powered by 100 per cent certified organic coconut oil, and you can use it for dry hands, heels and elbows, or to soothe burns, cuts and insect bites.

Sounds good to me - I'm in need of a foot balm. Looking forward to trying it!

MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Body Milk (RRP $34.95 for 500ml; received 50ml sample)

MOR is one of my favourite brands for hand and body products, so I'm pleased with this inclusion. This contains shea butter and macadamia oil to deeply nourish, while extracts of wild rose, hibiscus and fig revitalise and hydrate.

Yum. I bet this smells amazing. I suspect this is the first item I'll open from this box.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner (RRP $15.99 each; received full size)

It's rare that I'll receive a full sized shampoo and conditioner in a box - and even rarer that I'll receive products that are designed for my hair - so I'm happy with this inclusion.

These two products have made up the value of the box for me, so that's a plus. These products promise to start blocking frizz in the shower for easy styling. Just what I need! They apparently smooth strands, replenish moisture and restore hair's natural defence against humidity.

Sounds awesome. Can't wait to use these!

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum (RRP $80 for 30ml; received 10ml sample)

This is a decent sample of a high-end product and I'm happy to receive it - particularly because I don't have a lot of back-up serums so I'll need to use this soon enough.

It apparently understands the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair coverage. You apply it in the morning and evening to address inflammation, wrinkles, uneven skintone and dullness.

I definitely need some of that. Wuhoo!

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick (RRP $21.95; received full size)

I received the colour 640 in Matte Erotique. I haven't opened it yet but there's the colour on the tube:

I've looked it up and apparently 640 is a brown nude with orange undertones, so it may actually be one I'll wear, so that's good.

These apparently come in 350 shades (what?!), so there should definitely be something in the range to suit everyone.

I'm looking forward to giving this a go, although I probably won't open it for a while because I have other lipsticks I want to open first, once I've finished a couple off - I have too many open as it is.

Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge EDP (RRP $120 for 50ml)

These little samples tend to annoy people when they arrive in sub boxes because you can get them for free from department stores. I don't mind the occasional one so I'm happy to give this a go, although I have tried it and I don't like it at all - it's far too heavy for me and I prefer lighter scents.

In sum

This box contains over $100 worth of stuff that I'll actually use, so it's good value in that sense. I'm not super excited by the contents but at least there's nothing in there that I'll be sending to a better home.

Once my annual subscription to The Parcel runs out, I may well decide not to re-subscribe because I'm not amazed by the products we get from these guys, although I rarely give much stuff from The Parcel away so we'll see.

Did you receive this season's box? If so, what did you think?

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