Garnier Fructis Protecting Goji Hair Food - review


This product was kindly sent to me for review almost a year ago, and after I'd submitted that review, I put it aside so I could pan other haircare and use my older items first.

But I reintroduced it a few months back and that reminded me of how much I like it! As you may know, I have temperamental hair and so many things just don't work for me: this one does. Woot woot!

Garnier claims/product details:

  • A multi-usage mask that feeds your hungry hair and nourishes with no weigh-down
  • Leaves your hair strong and healthy
  • An all-in-one conditioner, mask and leave-in treatment, it's your one-stop solution for healthy hair
  • With a unique, superfood goji scent, your hair will smell delicious all day long
  • No parabens, silicones or artificial colourants 
  • Vegan, dermatologically tested and 98% natural-origin ingredients
  • Suitable for coloured hair
  • RRP $11.95 AUD for 390ml, but do wait for specials


This product was a pleasant surprise. I have long, dry, frizzy, temperamental hair - and most of the haircare I've used over the past couple of years hasn't worked well for me. Happily this one does.

It has a standard conditioner-like texture and a sweet, fruity scent. It's easy to use and apply, and a little goes a long way so I wouldn't overdo it - no point using any more than you need to I reckon.

The main issues I have with conditioners and hair masks in general are that they aren't nourishing enough, or if they are, they tend to be too heavy so they weigh my hair down and often leave it looking dull and feeling coated (thereby reducing the time between washes). This product doesn't do those things. Huzzah! 

I mostly use it in place of conditioner, because for me, it performs as a conditioner and mask in one - and I'm far too lazy to add in an extra step if I don't need to. As for effect, it nourishes, hydrates, conditions and smooths my hair, so I wind up with soft, shiny and healthy locks after use. Plus I don't need to leave it on for ages to get results (I normally leave mine on for a few minutes under my shower cap). 

Indeed, my only complaint would be that this doesn't have a de-tangling effect, so I need to brush plenty of knots from my hair after use - but I can always apply some oil to help with that so it's not a deal-breaker for me personally.

Overall I think this is a great little product and I definitely recommend it. I also think it's reasonably priced for the amount you get in the tub, and it's readily available at the chemist or supermarket so that's a plus too.

Worth trying.

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