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This week has been an absolute nightmare, let me tell you. Both kids have been louder, crazier and more demanding than usual, my parents are overseas (so no babysitters) and my husband's working hours have become a little longer because he's recently received a promotion.

What this means is that I haven't been able to write as much as usual, nor have I been able to practise mindfulness in the spare moments because there are none. Unsurprisingly, it's incredibly difficult to meditate and quieten your mind when toddlers are screaming at you and demanding snacks every two seconds.

Less writing and no mindfulness means a fizzing, crackling mind. This is how a person goes from coping towards not coping in the space of a fortnight, so thank golly we're headed for the weekend now and I'll at least have Mex at home and therefore another set of hands on deck.

I digress. This hand cream. I really like it, and I'm picky with hand creams because my skin is dry so I need something hydrating, but I'm also using my hands a lot so I don't want something that's too heavy or slippery.

Thankfully this product treads exactly the right balance between being effective while still being practical for day-use and I'm loving it. I would absolutely recommend it, and I do plan on buying myself one when I've finished mine because it suits my skin. More on that below.

Origins claims/product details:

  • Lavish hands in long-lasting smoothness with this daily hand treatment that revives rough, chapped and uneven skin
  • A non-greasy daily hand treatment that works to relieve dryness, smooth roughness and even skintone
  • With its star ingredient, rose of jericho, plus an array of other skin revitalisers such as trehalose and sea haricots, these properties work hand-in-hand to nourish dehydrated skin, restore UV damage and soften chapped, cracked hands
  • The result is skin that is brighter, silky smooth and evenly textured
  • Dermatologist tested
  • RRP $23 AUD for 50ml


I'm really enjoying this product and I recommend it.

It's a white cream with a sweet and green, garden-like scent. It's quite thick and rich so it mightn't be for those who don't like heavier products, but for my dry skin, it's perfect and it's a great hand cream for the cooler months.

Do note that I've given this to my husband to try too, and he also really likes it. This is relevant because he has normal skin and doesn't like anything that's too greasy, so if he likes it, that says something. Plus he's tried more hand creams than I have because he's something of a hand cream junkie (don't tell the boys ;)) - so he's a good person to use as a back-up tester in this department.

What I like about this product is that it spreads and absorbs well, and it does a fantastic job of bringing some relief to my dry skin. This is especially important at the moment because I have chilblains and my hands are red, blistered, cracked and irritated - so anything that offers some cooling comfort to my skin is very much welcome. This cream also hasn't irritated any open wounds I have on my hands from my chilblains, so that's worth mentioning too.

On the claims: yes this has helped treat my rough, chapped skin; yes it's non-greasy and yes it has helped relieve dryness; no I haven't noticed any change in my my skintone (as in, it hasn't evened out my complexion); and yes it has nourished my dehydrated skin and made it feel smoother.

Overall I think this is an excellent hand cream and it's now among my favourites. It's helped my dry skin and it's a pleasure to use because it feels so nourishing without weighing my skin down. It's also not ridiculously priced, and while I normally buy hand creams from the pharmacy, I'm willing to make an exception with this one.


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