Maxfactor Masterpiece Transform Mascara in Black - review


I received this mascara in Marie Claire's Autumn Edit of The Parcel (reviewed here).

I didn't have high hopes for it because I haven't had a lot of luck with Maxfactor over the years, and I also don't like the packaging - it's rather cheap/tacky looking to me - but happily the mascara performs well and it's one I'll use.

Maxfactor claims/product details: 
  • Our revolutionary new mascara instantly creates darker, bigger, more dramatic lashes
  • New instant impact wand: a small brush that captures and volumises every lash
  • The instant impact wand holds product on the outside of the bristles, immediately transferring it to the base of the lashes in just one stroke
  • Rows of rotating bristles ensure that, as the lashes are brushed through, every lash is captured and coated
  • The result? Lashes that instantly appear thicker and fuller
  • RRP $23.95 AUD for 13g

There's the wand above and below.

It is indeed a great shape: with my puffy eyes, I need something smaller or otherwise I end up with product where I don't want it. This wand helps avoid that problem.

I wasn't blessed with long lashes unfortunately. There are my bare lashes below:

Below I've chucked on one quick swipe of mascara. A makeup artist asked me yesterday whether I spend much time on my lashes. She already knew the answer of course - no! Ha.

I've never really bothered to make sure they look exactly the same: if they look even enough, I'm good with that hehe.


Since the brush maketh the mascara, I'm calling this a good product because it's easy to use and I'm not as likely to make mistakes with it as I am with other wands. Yay to that.

The formula is decent too. It gives nice length and thickness, plus it layers well so I don't normally have issues with clumping. While it does add definition, it's not so lengthening and thickening (at least on the first coat) that it looks totally unnatural, so that's a plus.

It lasts well and doesn't smudge or flake, although it's quite difficult to remove and I can only really get it off in the shower. That doesn't bother me because I would rather a mascara that's hard to remove, as opposed to one that runs easily, but do be aware of that because it does need warm water and cleanser or you'll struggle to get it off.

The other good thing about the brush is that I find it easy to get close to the lashline with this product. I often struggle to do that with mascaras that have fatter brushes, but this one helps you get to those hard-to-reach places without fuss.

The last mascara I used was Benefit's They're Real, which I really hate because the brush is so fat and not a day went past that I didn't wind up with mascara on the skin around my eye area. It was such a nightmare to use that I tossed it after only one month of use (thankfully it was a free sample that I didn't pay for), and using it has meant that I've appreciated this product even more because it's everything that They're Real is not: it's easy to use; the brush is great; and it looks totally natural.

Thank god for decent mascaras that don't cost the earth! I recommend this product.

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