Teeez Fabulous Foundation Brush - review


I received this foundation brush ages ago from Lust Have It.

The brush came in a nice little plastic tube that I've long since discarded, but it made a good display case for the brush until I was ready to open it.

As you may know, I've long been a fan of Teeez packaging - and this brush is no exception. I like the print on the handle and the brush was well presented in its case when it arrived, making it look fancy.

It's a brush I'm happy to have out where people might see it, and the colourful print makes a nice difference to the plain brushes that represent the rest of my brush collection.

Teeez claims/product details:
  • Made with natural goat hair
  • Allows you to apply your foundation evenly
  • RRP $35 AUD, but do shop around

As you can see, it's shaped like a normal foundation brush: tapering off and rounded at the tip, with a thin side and a wider one.

Brushes like this one are designed for liquid and cream foundation and, while I'm a fingers-applier when it comes to base products, I've been using this over the past week so I could review it.


If you're interested in hearing whether trialling a foundation brush for a week is enough to turn a fingers-applier into a brush-applier when it comes to base products, the answer is no. But I did like using this brush and it's one I'm happy to own.

The reason I prefer using my fingers for base products is because I think they melt/warm any liquids or creams first, making them easier to apply/blend and generally meaning that I use less of them. In my experience, it's also the fastest method of applying foundation because your fingers obviously have a larger combined surface area than any brush you might use.

Anyhoo. First and foremost, what I like about this brush is the bristles - almost all my other brushes are made with synthetic bristles and I quite like the feel of these natural goat hair ones on my face, even if they're a little hard to the touch and mightn't suit everyone. In any event, they don't feel as hard on your face as they do against your fingers, and it's a brush I've enjoyed using.

I think it does help give an even application, so if you're new to makeup and don't know what kind of brush you like using for your base products, it's worth giving one like this a go. The rounded tip/tapered end allows you to apply product in more difficult places (eg around your nose), but the end isn't so small that it will take you light-years to apply your base, so I think the brush is shaped well.

One thing to note with this brush is that the handle is shorter than the handles of other brushes I own. It's not so short that it's difficult to use, but if you're used to longer brushes, this one may take a bit of getting used to.

Something I always like to comment on when it comes to tools like brushes is alternative uses for them: ie, if you're not going to use it as a foundation brush, is there anything else it might be used for? 

Not really. Because it's dense, I have used it to smudge out harsh lines when it comes to my eye and cheek powders, but I have other brushes I prefer for this purpose so it's not one I would reach for unless my other brushes are due to be washed.

I have also used it to scoop out moisturiser from products that come in jars, but I prefer a spatula for this because the spatula obviously won't absorb any product.

In sum, I think this is a decent little brush - set apart by the natural bristles - but it's not one I'll use.

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