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I haven't been getting through my reviews of this kit as fast as I thought I would: some products you can review after a week of use and others need longer because the effects are cumulative and you also need some time before you know exactly how you feel about a product.

I was able to review the cleanser a few days ago (see here) but it's only now that I've gotten over my immediate issue with the toner - the super pungent, in-your-face smell - and have started to notice what the product actually does for my skin.

I've almost finished the 15ml sample (ridiculously quickly, but more on that later) and that amount is easily enough to get a good feel for this product. It's indeed a decent one, as most of the Suki products I've tried so far have been, but I wouldn't buy it due to the smell.

Suki claims/product details:
  • Formulated as an essential, deep-delivery system to prepare skin for serums and moisturisers, allowing them to perform at their highest levels
  • An all-day multifunctional wonder to use anytime you’re feeling oily or need complexion balancing
  • Suki replaces water with the foundational ingredient for all its hydrous products (Suki's vitamin and antioxidant-packed, high-potency rose concentrate), which matches skin’s chemistry and pH for deep derma penetration
  • Addresses swelling (including itching, redness and spots); flare-ups and blemishes; clogged pores and oily t-zone build-up; scars; environmental stressors; and enlarged pores
  • Helps calm, soothe and reduce signs of redness, irritations, impurities and blemishes 
  • Helps create the appearance of a balanced, healthy complexion 
  • To use: apply to an organic cotton ball and gently smooth over face and décolleté until clean and dewy; mist over skin to integrate serums and moisturisers; mist skin throughout the day to infuse complexion with this unique blend of actives and botanicals
  • RRP $39.95AUD for 120ml


Rosa centifolia (provence rose) concentrate†, alcohol (from sugar cane denatured with lavender oil)†, salix alba (willow) bark extract, phospholipids, ascorbyl palmitate, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, rosa canina (rose hip) fruit extract, calendula offcinalis (calendula) flower extract, glycerin, aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf powder†, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, ascophyllum nodosum (seaweed) extract†, fragrance (parfum)*, linalool*, limonene.

*components of 100% pure natural fragrance and/or steamdistilled/ cold-pressed essential oils
†certified organic
total organic content: 12.7%
contains botanicals which make up our TLC technology™ and calming complexion complex™


As mentioned, it's the smell of this product that I can't stand. It's so strong that it gets right up my nose and hurts my head. I actually recoil when I use this, though not as much now that I'm more used to it. The scent I most get from this product is chamomile, and I don't like chamomile so that likely affects my distaste for the smell. But even if you like chamomile, I would test this product before committing to the full size because the scent is overpowering and you mightn't like products that smell that much.

Moving on to the product itself, this is gentle enough for my dry skin (and it's for combination/oily skin), so that's a plus. I've also noticed no irritation, and my skin can be sensitive. Another plus.

I do think this has an anti-inflammatory effect: it reduces redness and swelling too. It's quite a light product that doesn't seem to contain much moisture, and for some reason I need to use a lot more of it than I do other toners to get any effect. That's probably my second biggest gripe with the product (the first being the smell), because I would get through a full size bottle all too quickly and for that reason it's not as good value for me as it is for someone who needs less of it.

On that, I've seen others say that a little goes a long way, so maybe your skin type has something to do with how much you use each time. I would be interested in trying the toner that's designed for dry skin, to see if that formula would make the (admittedly large) full size bottle last any longer for me.

Another benefit of this little kit (and this product) is that my skin quickly cleared up once I started using it. I'd had some blemishes that appeared with the hormonal changes that happen three months after giving birth, and I hadn't found anything to manage those until now.

I like the glass packaging and the spray pump makes for easy and controlled application.

I've been using this as a toner after cleansing by applying it with a cotton pad. I wouldn't use it as a spritz throughout the day because it's not hydrating enough for that - at least on my skin. I really do have to soak the pad when I use it, otherwise I can't feel or see any beneficial effect and my skin looks dry, but when I apply enough I do notice the benefits, including the impact on inflammation mentioned above and also a slight brightening action that makes my skin look fresher.

On the claims I haven't touched on yet: I don't know whether this allows my moisturiser to penetrate better (that's not something you can easily see or feel); I do think it helps balance my skin and unclog pores, plus it also has a slight tightening action that can reduce the look of pores; and it has a calming/soothing effect too.

In sum, this is a great little product if you can handle the smell (I can't). It's quite an expensive product but there's a lot of it and I think the 120ml bottle would be ok value if you don't have to use as much toner as I do each application: as mentioned, this might have something to do with the fact that my skin is dry and thirsty, and this isn't designed for dry skin.

Definitely worth trying, particularly if you suffer from redness and blemishes, and note that you need to use it for a while before you start to notice an effect.

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