Soak Skin Booster Body Lotion - review


I received this travel-sized body cream in May's Violet Box (reviewed here). I've finished the sample now and it was big enough to warrant a full review. I do like this product, but if you read this blog you'll know I prefer body creams that not only perform well but also smell delicious, and because the smell isn't amazing for me (and the product isn't a stand-out in any other way), it's not one I would consider buying.

Soak claims/product details:
  • Infused with chia seeds, the ancient Aztec superfood loaded with nutrients including calcium, vitamin B3 and magnesium
  • The super nutrients in chia seeds encourage optimal hydration and boost barrier function to promote healthy looking skin
  • This lotion restores moisture balance to help relieve skin dehydration
  • Easily absorbed without greasy residue
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • RRP $29.95 for 500ml


What I like about this lotion is that it absorbs well and a little goes a long way, so the trial size lasted longer than I thought it would.

This means it's better value than creams that go on thickly, although thirty bucks for a body cream seems a bit much to me - despite the large 500ml size - and I'd rather buy something cheaper and save my pennies for decent skincare for the face.

On the smell, it does have a faint scent and I'm guessing it does smell like chia seeds: although I've never smelled those on their own, I drank a lot of power shakes during my pregnancy from a place near our house, and I could taste the chia seeds in those and this smells like those tasted. While the scent is pleasant enough, it's not strong and delicious enough for me to consider buying this for the scent - which I've done in the past because I love body products that smell amazeballs since this adds to the experience of using them.

On the claims, I've no idea if this 'boosts barrier function' but it's certainly hydrating and absorbs well into the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and looking healthier. It's also true that it doesn't leave any greasy residue.

In sum, this is a great body cream but I wouldn't buy it because I don't spend that much on a body cream and the 500ml size is too large for me - I'd get bored of it before the bottle was done!

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