Round up: Suki Trial Kit for Clarity


I've been meaning to do this round up post for a while - I just wanted to see what happened with my skin once I stopped using this kit.

And I have. Within two weeks of finishing most of the products, those pesky hormonal blemishes have reared their ugly heads again - confirming that these products were responsible for clearing them up when I used it.

The kit contains:
  • Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser 30ml 
  • Purifying Foaming Cleanser 15ml
  • Concentrated Clarifying Toner 15ml
  • Balancing Day Lotion 7.5ml
  • Balancing Facial Oil 3.75ml
  • Transformative Purifying Masque 7.5ml 

I've reviewed each item separately (links below), but I also wanted to do a post on the kit as a whole because I definitely think it's worth a look-in if your skin needs products that will clear it up.

Suki Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Full review here. I like this little cleanser but I like the exfoliating one (below) more. It does make a good pair for the exfoliating one however, since most people don't exfoliate every cleanse.

This is one of those rare products that lives up to its claims. It unclogs pores without stripping skin and I feel that it penetrates the skin and really gets in there to give your face a good clean: not all cleansers do this and I would buy the product for that reason alone.

As for the other claims, I reckon this product does provide real results and has clarified my skin. My face is also looking brighter, and I'm putting this down to the products in this kit too.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

This is my absolute favourite product in the bunch and I can't rave enough about it enough. Full review here.

I love the experience of using this from the moment I open the lid and the wonderful lemon scent emerges from the tub. You only need the tiniest bit of sugary goodness mixed with water and then rubbed on your face to feel the good work it's doing. It feels divine on your skin and, unlike most exfoliating products, feels like it's moisturising at the same time that it's resurfacing.

My skin loves this. I urge you to grab a sample if you can.

Suki Concentrated Clarifying Toner

Full review here. I think this is a great little toner, I just can't stand the smell. It's so strong that I actually recoil when I use it.

I do think this toner has an anti-inflammatory effect as claimed: it reduces redness and swelling too. It's quite a light product that doesn't seem to contain much moisture, and for some reason I need to use a lot more of it than I do other toners to get any effect. This may be because my skin is dry, and this toner isn't designed for dry skin.

I wouldn't buy this but it's definitely contributed to clearing up my face.

Suki Balancing Day Lotion

Full review here. My skin is dry, so it's no wonder that this product (which is designed for oily/combo skin) isn't heavy enough for me. Having said that, it's still a nice lotion that I've been able to use in conjunction with the facial oil included in the kit, so my skin hasn't suffered at all - indeed, it has improved.

I hate the smell of this product, too: it has the same chamomile smell of the toner, layered with something sour that reminds me of rotten fruit. I wouldn't buy this lotion for that reason alone, because it detracts from my enjoyment of the product.

The lotion itself is lightweight and it absorbs in the blink of an eye. My skin drinks it up so much that I need to apply more of it than I do a standard day cream. For this reason, it's not a good-value purchase for me, but it might be for someone with oily skin who needs less of it.

This product has however helped clear up my skin, and it's made me interested enough to want to test the Suki day cream that's designed for dry skin.

Suki Balancing Facial Oil

I'll be as brief as I can so this review doesn't get too long. In short, I like this little oil and it's one I would consider buying because it's nourishing enough for my dry skin but also light enough that it doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts. I've reviewed it here.

I think if you have problem/oily skin and don't like the idea of putting oil on your face, you might really love this because it's so light - I've seen plenty of lasses with oily skin rave about this, so it's worth trying if that's your skin type.

Suki Transformative Purifying Masque

Full review here. This is the only product in this set that I don't like, purely because I don't think it has any effect on my skin.

I would normally expect at least some brightening or refreshing action from a product like this, but if anything, my skin looks duller after using it.

You can also use it as an overnight spot treatment, but it didn't work for me in that way either.

I think this is the only 'dud' product in the kit, although I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to face masks because I've found so few that do anything, so that probably affects my view of this product.

In sum

I highly recommend this kit if you need to rid yourself of blemishes. This little kit cleared up my skin in less than two weeks: I couldn't believe how fast it worked.

And as mentioned above, within two weeks of finishing off most of the products, my skin has started spotting again, so that tells me something!

Definitely worth testing.

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