Alpha-H Renew & Resurface Kit - round up with mini reviews


I've already finished most of the products in this kit because I've been introducing them gradually for ages, but I recently wrote my last post on the Micro Cleanse product and realised I'd never done a round-up post on the kit as a whole. Time to fix that!

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of Alpha-H skincare and if you're new to the brand, these kits are a great way to try a few things and get a feel for the range. Plus they're good value to boot : )

This Renew and Resurface Kit is a pretty good one, and two products became overnight hits for me so I've already bought both. Here's what you get:
  • Triple Action Cleanser 30ml 
  • Micro Cleanse 30ml 
  • Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant 30ml 
  • Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30+ 30ml 
  • Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask 30ml 
  • Balancing and Pore Refining Mask 30ml 

The kit retails for $99 AUD but you can pick it up for less than this if you shop around. From memory I paid something like $74 for it, and I received a bonus Alpha-H product when I bought it. And of course, it's great value because you're getting 30ml sizes of six products: 30ml is a decent amount and more than enough product to work out whether any items are for you.

I'll do a mini review on each product from the kit now in case anyone's interested in the set as a whole - plus I'll include links to the full reviews I've written for each in case you're more interested in any particular item.

Do let me know in the comments whether you've tried any of these products and what you thought of them if so : )

In no particular order...

Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser with Thyme

Full review here. This product is ok. It's not wonderful and it's not terrible, and it's a good product for a morning cleanse because it's very gentle on the skin.

Also, while it does remove 'easy' makeup ok, it doesn't remove all eye makeup or heavy-duty lipstick, and a good amount of muck comes away on the makeup pad when I tone afterwards so I don't think you can rely on this product alone for an evening cleanse (or at least I can't).

Overall it's probably too gentle and ineffective for me, however, because even a double-cleanse with this in the morning doesn't leave my skin feeling as clean as I would like. The plus side is that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or cause any breakouts.

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse with Glycolic Acid & Rice Bran

Full review here. This is another one that's ok but isn't my favourite and I have other exfoliants from Alpha-H that I much prefer.

It contains a reasonable amount of scrubby matter (although I personally think that more would be better), but the grains aren't fine enough to give a 'professional microdermabrasion result' as claimed and I've used better scrubs that really smooth and resurface the skin. 

I find this a little scratchy and, coupled with the peppermint fragrance (which I don't think agrees with my skin), my face feels quite dry and tight after using this but it doesn't feel as fresh, smooth and clean as it does when I use other physical exfoliants.

Looks like I'm in the minority though because most reviewers seem to love this one!

Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant

Full review here. Now this one I can get behind! It's sensational and I've given it an HG tag because I knew from the first use that it just worked for my skin. Indeed, I bought a back-up before I'd even finished the tube.

It feels lightweight and nourishing on the skin, absorbs beautifully, and leaves my face looking brighter and more radiant after use. It also makes my skin feel firmer and smoother, so for this reason it's a great product to use under makeup. 

Plus it has a clarifying effect and temporarily diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and I can always tell when I'm using this because my skin looks its best. Love. Yet another Alpha-H product that's found a rare spot in my permanent skincare armoury : )

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30+

Full review here. This is fine as a sunscreen, but I don't love it as a face cream. While it's not too thick and spreads/absorbs easily, it does leave a greasy residue and I also don't feel that it's hydrating enough for my dry skin.

If you need a great sunscreen that's also fantastic as a face cream, I'd go for Alpha-H's SPF 50+ version because that's heaps better than this and is very similar to Mecca's To Save Face because it's hydrating without being greasy and makes a great base for makeup.

This one also stings my eyes if I accidentally get it to close to the area so be sure to avoid that - there's nothing worse than a watering eye that completely ruins your makeup! The plus side is that this doesn't clog pores or break me out, but I still think you're better off with the other product.

Alpha-H Balancing & Pore Refining Mask with Jojoba

Full review here. This is a fantastic product and it's one of the best - and most reasonably priced - face masks that I've tried. Indeed, I like it so much that I've already gone out and bought the full size (a happy $30 for 100ml).

It looks and feels like a standard clay mask and it spreads evenly and thinly, so you don't need a lot each time and I personally feel that a thinner layer is better than a thicker one. 

I do love a mask that only needs ten minutes to work, and I can feel the difference in my skin as soon as I wash it off: it feels cleaner, tighter and smoother, and it looks brighter and more refined. Plus I do feel that this helps clarify and keep blemishes at bay, so it's one to consider if like me you have dry and/or sensitive skin and many clay masks can strip/irritate your face: this one doesn't (at least for me), but it still performs.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask with Lavender

Full review here. This mask appears to be a favourite in the beauty world (it's won awards and everyone seems to rave about it), but unfortunately it's not for me.

It just doesn't seem to do anything for my skin, and it doesn't help that it smells strongly of lavender because that's not my favourite scent.

After use, there's no difference in my skin aside from it feeling and looking a bit duller and drier - the opposite of what it's meant to do! So looks like this is just one of those products that doesn't work for me, but it's worth testing anyway because so many people love it.

In sum

This mightn't be the best Alpha-H kit I've come across, but it's still a good one and I'm glad I've had the chance to try it. Plus I've found two products in here that now have permanent places in my skincare armoury - the moisturiser and the jojoba mask - so you can't ask for more than that!

Do let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you think of them if so : )

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