Evolu Anti-ageing Day Cream - review


I received this product in my first-ever box from Maslow & Co: the NZ edit, and probably my favourite box to date.

While I don't think it's a bad product, it's been overshadowed by other items from the box that have really agreed with my skin and become overnight favourites - so while I'll use my tube until it's all gone, it's not one I'd rush out and buy and I think you can do better at this price-point.

Evolu claims/product details:
  • Intensive yet light in texture, this anti-ageing daily hydrator will counter the effects of depletion or damage that reveal themselves in dull surface texture and visible lines
  • Potent plant and marine extracts of iris root, red vine, panax ginseng, padina pavonica and kiwifruit seed oil deliver a balancing infusion of moisture and nutrients, including the antioxidants and vitamins needed to assist cell regeneration, boost elasticity and maintain the radiance of your skin
  • Shea butter’s moisture-retentive properties are an added bonus and give the product a beautiful feel
  • Blends native botanicals with the artisan spring waters of New Zealand
  • To use: following your cleanse and tone, gently massage into the face; this cream is lightweight and absorbs easily, so makeup can be applied immediately
  • RRP $55 AUD for 75ml, but do shop around (it's heavily discounted on the Evolu website at present)


I've been using this product consistently for a couple of months now so it's definitely high time I reviewed it.

To start with I used it as a day cream (because that's what it is), but soon decided that I preferred to use it at night: it doesn't contain sunscreen and I'd rather my day creams did; I don't love the finish on the skin; and I've somehow wound up with heaps of day creams and no night cream, so I thought this would do well enough for the night spot.

It's a white cream that's medium thick and it's light enough when applied that it almost feels like a cream/gel hybrid on the skin, so it should suit those who don't like their creams too rich.

When squeezed out, the product has a faint, pleasant green scent that shouldn't bother most people, but once applied to the skin it has a distinctly plastic smell that I really don't like. It's one of those scents that lingers, and I can still smell it on my face for a while after use so that's something to be aware of if you don't like scented products.

I feel that some of the product absorbs so it does hydrate a little, but some of it doesn't and the cream leaves behind a slightly tacky finish that I don't love. This may be good if you plan to use makeup over the top because the finish may help your makeup adhere, but I don't like products I can see and feel on my skin for a while after use so the product loses points on that front for me.

On the claims: I do think it's light in texture but I don't feel that this is an intensive cream and I haven't noticed any impact on dull surface texture or visible lines as claimed; I haven't noticed any benefits in terms of elasticity or radiance over the two months that I've used this; and I don't think it's as hydrating for my dry skin as I need it to be.

The good news is that the product hasn't irritated my sensitive skin or broken me out, but it hasn't done enough good stuff that I feel I can recommend it. It's not that it's a terrible product, it's just that it's a bit 'meh' and I think you can do a lot better for something that costs this much.

Ok but not one I would buy or recommend.

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