Sachet city: samples used in August 2016


We went away to Lorne for a few days over the weekend – which will probably be our last kid-free break for a while because I’m due in six weeks! – and I made sure to take a round of samples so I could test them and cut down on space when I packed.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a great round of samples and there’s only one thing in this lot that I really loved (and will most likely buy very soon!), but it’s always good to clear out the sachet stores because they do build up very quickly and I need to keep things moving if I want to avoid getting completely overwhelmed.

Let’s have a look.

Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub, Body Hydrating Cream and Ultrarich Body Cream

The body scrub was ok but truth be told it wasn’t scrubby enough for me and there also wasn’t enough in the sachet to give my whole body a proper go. Don’t you hate that?!

It was the same for the two samples of body cream, which contained a measly 2ml each so I could only apply them to my arms and shoulders. Not enough product to properly test them!

Plus it looks like these all cost around $70 for the full size, so you'd have to love them for that price but none of them warrant the outlay, in my opinion. You guys may know that I haven't had much luck with Dermalogica samples, and these ones were no exception. Save your pennies for decent facial skincare : )

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion

I do love Palmer's products and this one was pretty good, which is fortunate because I'd already bought the full size of this cream before receiving the sample ; )

It's nicely hydrating and I love the coconut goodness smell, and I can see why my husband buys this: he loves coconut and this product is a lotion, so it's not quite as heavy as the Palmer's body butters (which are my preference). Plus budget Palmer's did better than upmarket Dermalogica here: this sachet is 2.5 times larger than those for the Dermalogica body products, meaning I could test this on more than just an arm or two. I liked it. 

Skyn Iceland Hydra Cool Firming Eye Gels

These are apparently intensive treatments that works to help firm, de-puff and tone the under-eye skin. You guys know that I'm not a massive fan of sheet masks, but I had high hopes for these because they're meant to be good.

Unfortunately I didn't like them at all. They were too sticky (like tape) so they felt really uncomfortable on my under-eye area (like they were pulling at the delicate skin) and I couldn't bear to leave them on for the full ten minutes. Plus they weren't cooling or firming and my eyes felt worse for wear after use. Just not for me.

Ren Wake Wonderful Night-time Facial

This is an overnight treatment that works while you sleep, gently renewing skin, boosting skin cell vitality and infusing skin with hydration. It contains lactic acid, which is lacking from my skincare routine at the moment and I've been on the lookout for something with that ingredient (and something that's not as expensive as Sunday Riley's Good Genes).

I must say, looks like I found it! I've used this a couple of times before and remember being impressed, and this time really brought home how well this works for my skin. I can see and feel the difference even after one use - my face looks brighter and feels smoother. At $69 it's not the most expensive product on the market either, so I plan to buy it soon!

Malin + Goetz Facial Cleansing Oil

Infused with grape seed, avocado and olive oils, this gentle cleansing oil apparently emulsifies and rinses clean to sweep away dirt, oil, debris and makeup without irritation or drying. 

I do love me a good cleansing oil, but at $63 for the full size, I'm not sure this one's worth the money. I found the fragrance a little irritating (both for my nose and skin) and the oil itself wasn't anything to write home about. It did the job but you can find products just as good for half the price. 

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil

This brand is new to Mecca and one of the staff suggested I try this because she knows that I love me a good face oil for my dry skin. Apparently this one is 'lauded by all in-the-know' and has a devout following for a reason.

Look, it was nice, but at $254 for 30ml it makes Sunday Riley look like a bargain. I liked it but I don't think that pricetag is warranted at all, and I've found that the Sunday Riley oils I've tried felt better for my skin than this did. Definitely one to test before splurging!

Nars Skin Total Replenishing Eye Cream

I've tried Nars skincare before, but I don't think I've used this particular product. It's meant to rejuvenate the under eye area and fight the look of ageing, and while it's ok, I've used much better. 

It's quite thick and rich so it mightn't be for everyone, and I do prefer using it at night because it doesn't absorb quite as quickly as I would like so makeup doesn't always sit well on top. An ok cream but not one I would buy.

In sum

The Ren product is definitely the stand-out in this lot and I'm going to buy it as soon as I can. My skin loved it and I can't wait to start using it more often to see how it works over time.

As for the others, nothing grabbed me so happily my wishlist isn't looking too much longer after this post.

Do let me know if you've tried anything amazing recently so I know what products to test next!

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