Project Dent 2016 update: non-powder blushes


Well it's nearing the end of the month so it's time for a Project Dent update. I started using these two non-powder blushes daily on the 7th of August, so it's been about 2.5 weeks of solid use for both and that's more than enough for me ; )

I know I'm not the only one who would say this, but I just don't use cream blushes. I don't know why because I do have dry skin and I like how dewy these look (and they're good ones - particularly the Josie Maran product), but for some reason I much prefer the process of using and applying powder. So thank golly I only have these two!

I've already reviewed the Josie Maran blush (see here) and the Stila one I'll post on shortly (I'm still in the process of editing photos for that), and while I do like both products, 2.5 weeks is a long time to tie yourself to two cream blushes when you'd much prefer to use powder!

Still, both of these double as lip tints so thankfully I haven't had to use them on my cheeks every day if I didn't want to.

Anyhoo. If you want to see my introductory post on these two products, see here. Otherwise, let's have a look at my progress.

There's where my Josie Maran product was on the 7th of August:

And here it is now, on the 25th:

You can see there's definitely a nice dip in the middle, and I do feel that I've made quite a bit of progress with the blush during that time.

Indeed, using the product over the past couple of weeks has made me realise that it's an excellent candidate for Project Pan - particularly because I can use it on my lips too. So stay tuned, because I plan to move it into circulation pretty soon. It's a great, easy product for summer and since winter is (hopefully) on the way out, I wouldn't mind trying to finish it by the end of this year.

Above is where my Stila blush was on 7th August, and here's where it is now:

Do note, though, that I haven't used as much product as it seems. What I've found over the past couple of weeks is that the packaging isn't well-geared to be moved around, so I wouldn't travel with this. 

What's happened to mine is that too much product has travelled up through the mesh opening that dispenses the product - plus the blush is coming up the sides of the white bit that holds the mesh part - so it looks like I've used heaps but I haven't. So I wouldn't travel with this or carry it around in your handbag (unless of course I got a bung product). That's annoying because this is something that I would like to cart around in my handbag for touch-ups, but looks like I can't.

While I quite like this product (more on that in my upcoming review), it's not one I would repurchase because I think the Josie Maran product is the better formula and I'd rather go for another one of those, if I were going to buy a cream blush again. But it's not bad and it looks nice on the skin, and you may well see it in Project Pan 2017 once I've finished the Josie Maran one (which is older).

In sum

I'm pleased that I've given these products a work-out and I'm also pleased to be putting them aside for now - I want to use my powder blushes again!

This Project Dent update also contains the last of the Stila products I own, so I'm currently tossing up whether to move on to my Hourglass or Becca products next. Looking forward to choosing! I might go for Becca because I have a couple of eyeshadow palettes I really need to work on, but we'll see.

Speak soon x 

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