Project Dent 2016 update: Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark


About halfway through July I decided to use my Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark as my next product for Project Dent. 

If you're new to this blog and haven't seen me mention Project Dent before or why I'm doing it, see my introductory post here - but essentially I wanted to go through each makeup item in my collection and use it for a fortnight or more, so I can start seeing some dents in my products.

I started with my Stila items because those are generally the older ones in my collection and it made sense to go through my products by brand.

This Stila bronzer is my favourite matte bronzer I've used to date, and here's what it looked like when I started Project Denting it:

Note that I recently depotted it so I could include it in my newly acquired Z-palette - a good move, since I use it as an eyeshadow as well as a bronzer and haven't had any issue with using it every day.

As you can see above, it did crack a little in the centre during the depotting process, but I could easily add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and re-press it without losing any product.

And here's what it looks like now:

Errrmaaahgawd - I'm finally seeing some pan. Woot woot!

I honestly didn't think this was possible, given I saw how thick the little chunk was that I had to re-press during the panning process. Plus because it's so pigmented and also a little dark for my skintone (but the colour works better on me than the medium shade), I can only use a tiny bit of product each time.

I'm thrilled! I'm in no rush to finish this one, but it's getting a little old now so I'll keep it in my Z-palette and use it often enough until I find a suitable replacement. I've got my eye on a couple of Bobbi Brown matte bronzers that might fit the bill, so fingers crossed I can find a dupe.

Anyhoo. I'm loving this Project Dent series I've got going, and I can't wait to pick my next product. It may be a couple of non-powder blushes from Stila and Josie Maran, but I'll think about that some more because I wouldn't mind starting on my Nars shadows too.

'Till then!

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