Swisse Multivitamin Repair Body Oil - review and photos


Not long ago I went into Priceline armed with a $5 birthday voucher and knowing that some skincare brands were selling at 50 per cent off.

Unfortunately my beloved Bio Oil wasn't discounted, and of the body oils I saw that might suit my expanding belly during pregnancy, this one looked like a good choice and I walked out with a wallet that was only $7 lighter. This is a good start to a story of course, but sadly the good stuff ends there.

I'm sorry to say it, but this is one of the worst products I've ever used and I've a good mind to take it back and ask for a refund (is it possible I got one from a bad batch?).

It's rare that a product makes me grumpy enough that I want to return it - particularly if it didn't cost me much to start with, because hoh well it's only a few bucks - so the fact that I dislike this one enough to want to send it packing is really saying something. More on that below.

Swisse claims/product details:
  • A nourishing body oil, luxuriously formulated to help improve the appearance of damaged skin
  • 100 per cent naturally sourced
  • Nourishing dry finish
  • Improves the appearance of scars, stretchmarks and ageing skin
  • With vitamins a, c and e
  • Enriched with skin repairing vitamins, botanical extracts and deeply emollient oils to replenish, smooth and strengthen the skin
  • Lightweight and quick penetrating
  • Improves skin texture and leaves your skin looking repaired and radiant
  • To use: shake before use; gently massage into skin in a circular motion until absorbed; use as often as required on face and body; suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • RRP $24.99 AUD for 125ml

I do like that it comes with a pump, although I generally don't use the pump because I need to dispense so much product per application that it's easier to just unscrew the cap and upend the bottle with a couple of good shakes.

I say 'shakes' because this isn't your typical oil: it's not runny but quite thick (see below) and this may be one of the reasons why it's not spreading well over my skin.


This is easily the worst oil of any shape or form - for body, face or hair - that I've ever used, and for this reason I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag. It's not disappointing because I had high hopes for it (I knew nothing about it before buying it), but because it performs so badly and does nothing that a good oil should.

It's a thick, cloudy lemon-coloured oil with no discernible scent. It doesn't spread well when applied - perhaps in part due to its thickness - so a little doesn't go a long way with this and I'm getting through my bottle in record time. This isn't good on a value front of course, but at least it means I can get through the bottle and remove it from my collection super quickly!

I can see why Swisse is calling this a 'dry finish' oil because it doesn't leave a slick residue like some oils, but it also doesn't vanish into my skin like other dry oils I've tried. What's left behind is a shiny, waxy residue that doesn't feel nice to the touch (it's sticky) and I'm wondering whether the waxiness is why the product isn't absorbing and delivering moisture.

On that, this is my biggest issue with the product: its complete lack of hydration. This really surprised me - I mean, it's an oil! - but it doesn't hydrate my skin at all and I always need to apply something else after it to get some relief for my dry skin.

To expand on that, if I put this oil over my pregnant belly after I've showered, within about twenty minutes my belly starts to itch something chronic. This isn't an allergic reaction but a sign that the oil isn't hydrating: as many will have experienced, your belly skin can get itchy when you're pregnant because it's reacting to being stretched. So when I apply this everywhere, it's only my belly that feels dry and itchy, while the rest of me just feels dry (kind of like how it feels if you cleanse your face and then forget to moisturise - your skin just feels uncomfortable and stripped).

I've just read through the product claims (above) and I don't think this oil meets any of them. Indeed, it's so bad that I probably won't buy anything from Swisse in future because it may be that the brand just doesn't agree with my skin.

In any event, it's worth testing this product before buying it - even if you're getting it for seven dollars, as I did!

Blurgh. Not for me.

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bettina44 said...

HI Little White Truth,

Did you end up contacting Swisse about the product? I gifted someone a bottle and the products looks like what you have pictured, thick and white. I'm also wondering if its meant to be that way or I unknowingly gifted them a bad batch!

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