Project Pan 2016 mini update #18


After a slow Project Pan month last month, this month is shaping up to be a better one and I've already had the two lip products on my list bite the dust.

The first, my Becca lip tint in Milla, is one that I've used right down to the stub and then some. It's a definite 'finished' product and I'm glad I've used it up because I loved it and not a day went by that I became bored of it, so it was a good product to include because you don't want a list full of duds.

As for the Cheek Room lip palette, I'm sad to say that the product has finally turned. I'm not surprised about this because I've had it for ages and a huge surface area of product is being exposed to air whenever I lift the lid, but it's a little annoying because I would rather have used it right up until every drop was gone.

Still, you don't want to be putting rancid lip products on your face so it's definitely time to say goodbye, and at least I used well over half of the product before it died.

And here's what I'm replacing the products with above: two Sportsgirl lipsticks in Beauty Queen (the pink, reviewed here) and Whirlwind (the lavender grey, reviewed here).

I do really love the formula of Sportsgirl lipsticks and at $9.95, they're an absolute steal. But I have five of these now and I don't use them enough because I tend to buy them in seasonal colours that don't get reached for too often, so I'd like to reduce my Sportsgirl lipstick collection by at least two items this year.

I've picked these two because they work beautifully well together. As you may know, I don't wear pink lipstick that often (it doesn't suit me) and the grey/purple colour isn't something I'd reach for every day.

But when paired together, I can get the perfect lavender shade that I've been searching for in a lipstick, so I figured I may as well use them and love them until they're gone!

While Whirlwind is in the matte formula, Beauty Queen is a cream so it adds enough hydration to function as a gloss, meaning I don't need a gloss for my dry lips when I wear these together. Match made in heaven!

Anyhoo. Just a short update for now. Fingers crossed for me that I can finish off a couple of other products throughout August: I'm starting to get bored of the items on my list and need a change : )

Speak soon xx

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