Maslow & Co August 2016, USA The East Coast - unboxing and first impressions


Look what showed up on Saturday: huzzah! 

I was super surprised to see a Saturday delivery and even more surprised to see that it was from Maslow & Co, since I wasn't expecting my box until late this week. No complaints about that : )

As usual it's a box full of interesting and different items, and I really think that Maslow & Co have managed to define themselves and bring out a beauty subscription box that beats anything else available on the Australian market. Granted, I've only received a few boxes from these guys - but I'm yet to be bored and for a sub-box junkie, that's saying something.

One thing I've also noticed about Maslow & Co's boxes so far is that it appears a good amount of effort is going into not only bringing subscribers different and interesting items, but also making sure that each box focuses on something new.

Eg the NZ box was more about the face, The West Coast USA was more heavy on hair, and this one's more about the body. I do like this and hope that it continues, because it means that each box looks very different from the last one and helps keep the surprise factor nicely high. 

I don't know about you, but that's one of the things I'm after from a subscription box: I don't want a whole bunch of things I've seen before.

Maven Gift, La Sante Traveller Candle

I haven't pictured this above because it's the bonus item included for Maslow Mavens. You don't need to do much to be a Maslow Maven - just ensure that you review the items you've received in each box and complete a small task - and so far the bonus items have been worth it.

These candles are apparently hand-poured into amber glass jars to preserve the integrity of the essential oils they contain. The candles should burn for around 20 hours and are perfect for travel.

I do love me a good candle so I'm looking forward to trying this one.

Stiks Cosmetiks Lipstik (RRP $19 AUD for 3g; received full size)

This was the sneak peek item for the month and I was super excited to see it because it looks like such an innovative product. Unfortunately I received mine in red, which is just about the only lipstick colour I won't wear (well, that and bright pink) because red doesn't suit me and my husband hates it. Still, I'll test and review the product before passing it on.

These lipsticks are apparently engineered to be applied easily with one hand - and the cap stays attached so you can throw them in your handbag without issues. You can also use the flat edge of the product to line your lips, and they're designed for on-the-go application.

Bummed about the colour I received but hey, you can't win 'em all and I'm looking forward to testing the formula anyway.

Mullien & Sparrow Lemongrass Mint Body Oil (RRP $26.58 for 30ml sample)

As a dry-skinned lass, I'm always up for a great body oil and I'm pleased I received this fragrance in Lemongrass Mint, which is meant to uplift and revitalise (I definitely need some of that ; ) ).

Apparently you only need a small amount each time and you can also drop a little in the bath for some aromatherapy.

Sounds good to me!

Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil 15ml

This one isn't noted in the booklet that came with the box, but I have some memory about seeing that it was going to be included as a special gift in this box. Yay! I wonder whether it was ear-marked for the last box (which focused more on hair) but perhaps the samples were late to arrive. Or maybe it's just a special bonus - in any event, I'm not complaining!

Apparently this contains 15 Ayuvedic elixirs to rejuvenate the hair, leaving it feeling softer and stronger. I'm always up for a good hair oil and this is the perfect handbag size, so it will definitely get lots of use.

Essential Apothecary Bright Toothpaste (RRP $20.60 AUD for 40ml; received full size)

Now in theory it's not particularly interesting to receive toothpaste in a sub box (it's kind of like receiving undies from Santa), but this one actually looks nice and feels special.

Apparently it's a teeth-polishing, gum-healing, odour-neutralising bomb of a product. Looks like it should also have a brightening effect, and it contains essential oils as opposed to the chemicals contained in stock-standard toothpaste.

Eir NYC Active Body Wash (RRP $33.25 AUD for 236ml; received full size)

This is apparently a supercharged body wash for those of us who may need a little kick-start in the morning. It's blended with rosemary to detoxify, and olive, coconut and jojoba oil to hydrate.

I've been really bored of my body washes lately so I can't wait to give this one a go. Note that Eir is the mythical goddess of healing, and this brand focuses on creating products for busy people who need their products to help sustain wellbeing.

Eir NYC Fresh Eir Deodoriser (RRP $29.95 AUD for 59ml; received full size)

Another product from Eir, this is a handy little three-in-one that serves as a hand-sanitiser, deodoriser or refresher for your gym gear. It has a soft fragrance that shouldn't interfere with your perfume.

I love inventive products like this and I'm always up for something that can be used in different ways. You can spray it onto your body as a deodorant, onto your palms as a sanitiser or lightly mist it over your smelly stuff to deodorise and sanitise. I don't have anything like it so I'll be opening this up straight away.

Dermadoctor Kakadu C Intensive Vitamin C Peel Pad (RRP $106.30 AUD for full pack of 30; received 3 pack valued at $13.39 AUD)

These pads are apparently less aggressive than traditional facial peels but still effective - think more of a resurfacing treatment than a peel.

Each pad is pre-soaked and drenched with AHAs and ferulic acids to remove dead skin cells and promote turnover of new, fresh cells. A slight tingling sensation is normal with these but they're gentle enough to use daily.

My skin has really been suffering lately (I'm pregnant and it's winter) so I'm looking forward to trying these. Fingers crossed they can remove that grey, ashy look I've got going on these days ; )

In sum

What a great box! I'm really thrilled with mine and can't wait to try everything. The total RRP of the contents (not including the bonus candle and hair oil) is over $140 so the value is definitely there, particularly if you're going to use everything.

Can't wait to test my items and report back on what I think!

Do let me know if you received this box, and what you think of it if so : )

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