Pan that Palette update: August 2016


Welcome to my second Pan that Palette update for the year! As you may know, I only started the challenge around six weeks ago so I'm late to the party, but happily there's already been some solid progress and I hope to show you lots more as the year comes to a close.

First up, some house-keeping. I've decided to move my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette into the challenge for a few reasons: I love it and want to use it every day; I've finished Dim Light and that's my favourite shade so I'd like to knock off the other two; and I want to buy the new Hourglass Surreal Glow Palette that's coming out later in the year, so I'd like to sneak this one out the door to make room for it.

Also, I know that some people prefer Pan that Palette challenges that work on a pre-made palette (as opposed to a Z-palette, as I'm doing), so I wanted to bring something in to satisfy those who like to watch panners get through palettes they haven't made themselves.

Hourglass Ambient Light Palette

I've reviewed this here. I'm an absolute sucker for the powders that Hourglass creates, and these Ambient Lighting Powders - the ones that started it all - are no exception.

I've had this for something like two years now and, as you can see, it's had plenty of use in that time. Dim Light is my preferred finishing powder (which is why I've finished it completely!) and while I do like the other two shades, I'm ready to try something else from the range.

There's where my palette is at, as of today:

I do have a full-size Dim Light on the go, but I would like to save using that for days when I'm not housebound for most of the day (I'm pregnant and have a toddler), so I've been using a mix of Incandescent Light (centre) and Radiant Light (right) as my finishing powder for days when I'm not doing much. I do like them together, but I prefer Dim Light because it doesn't have any specks of shimmer in it.

I can also mix these two shades and apply them more intensely for use as a highlighter, and Radiant Light makes a great bronzer-topper if I need a little more oomph. I do use Incandescent Light occasionally as a stand-alone highlighter, but it's a little too cool for my colouring so I prefer to mix it with something else to warm it up. Both shades also work well on the eyes.

I have no idea how long it will take me to finish these - it could be up to a year, since you only need a tiny bit each time - but I'll see how I go. 

There's my Z-palette above, which I've been working on since midway through July. I'm not trying to finish all of it at this point, just the following powders:

There's where my Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer was above, back at the end of July. And below is where it's at now, after a month of solid use:

As you can see, I've hit pan - huzzah! I've been able to do this because it's the lightest bronzer I own so I need to use more of it per application than I do other bronzers to make it show up, and I also like it as a crease colour on the eyes so it's getting plenty of use.

I started off using it via Project Pan before moving it over to this challenge, and I'd hoped to get through it by the end of the year. Given how much I've used of it already, it's just possible that I'll be able to do that.

Here's where my two Mirenesse shadows were at the end of July:

And here's where they are now, one month on:

I've made some pretty good progress with these, but they're not vanishing as fast as I would like. As I've mentioned before, they're not the worst shadows but they're not great either and the only reason I want to finish them off is because I want to use the pans for other products.

But they do make good top-up products for my eyeshadow and blush (I often apply a swipe of each after lunch), and that's how I've been getting through them.

Next up, my Stila eyeshadow in Bliss (from the In the Light palette) and my 'Tini Beauty shadow in Pearl Fizz. There's where they were at in July:

And here's where they are now (bottom row):

I've definitely made some good progress on both of these, and that 'Tini Beauty eyeshadow in particular shouldn't be around too much longer because I've re-pressed it and the product that's left isn't as thick as it is for Bliss.

I've also included a photo of Stila's Bare (also from the In the Light Palette), which is the cream shade at the top. I'm including a photo of it here because it will be the next shade I bring into this challenge, once I've finished off one of the powders I'm working on now. So we've got this shot as a marker for where it was at before September, just in case I'm able to introduce it during the next month.

In sum

I'm pretty happy with my Pan that Palette progress, particularly given that I only started the challenge partway through July.

I do plan on doing Pan that Palette again next year, and at the moment I'm getting a feel for what shades I find easiest so I can pick a pre-made palette that I have a chance of actually finishing for Pan that Palette 2017.

Do let me know if you've ever done Pan that Palette and whether you have any tips!

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