Five good things: May 2018


Today is the first day of June and by golly has the weather decided to tell us that it's winter. My hands nearly froze and cracked into shards as I walked the pram to kinder this morning, and the heaters at home can't seem to work fast enough.

I've never been good with the cold and I'm not looking forward to the weather ahead, I must say. Sounds like the right time to focus on some positives, and I did realise this morning that I'd forgotten to write May's positives so here we are.

In no particular order...

May's over

May was a strange month. It started off ok but by week two we were all sick with colds, and we've stayed sick since then (those damn bugs the kids bring home from kinder and childcare), which is expected of course but I wasn't expecting to still be sick - we're on cold two or three now, it's hard to say - and I also wasn't expecting to find myself drowning in stuff to do from all sides.

As we head into June 30 (tax time, and incidentally my birthday), I normally get loaded with work from one source but there's been more than one this month so my workload has gone from naught to one hundred overnight. I wasn't prepared for it. I still had to do it, though, on top of watching the kids. Blurgh.

Then there's been Centrelink stuff to manage and starting the long task of getting my tax in order...

Boring. I'm glad to draw a line under the month, I must say.

My makeup no buy lifted today

Gosh, I only just remembered this one! As you may know, I've been on a makeup spending ban since January 2018 and I'd always promised to lift it during my birthday month before deciding if I needed to reinstate it after June 30.

So I've done five months and I've only bought two essential items during that time (both being brow products), meaning I stuck to my goals and managed to avoid buying stuff I didn't need for five months. 

I was on a skincare no buy for six months, too, and that was meant to end today but I decided to lift it two weeks early because I'd run out of so much stuff that my work was done.

Here we are, then, in the one month this year when I know for sure that I'm allowed to buy stuff before I might tighten the purse strings again. Huzzah! Now to decide what to buy. I'm not going to go nuts but I will pick up an item or two before closing my wallet again come July.

May was a bad month for panning, which means June will be a good one

I only finished two items in May from my Project Pan list, meaning it was easily my worst panning month on record. Yes I think that's partly because my list is smaller this year than it's ever been (so I'm finishing more items outside the project but not so many inside it), but it was also a bad month for empties all round and my desk doesn't look any clearer than it did before.

The good news, though, is that I've now got quite a few products that are so close to being finished that I know I'll be through them relatively early in June - and I'm hoping to see my stores dwindling quickly so I can bring fresh items on to my list.

And of course, I've got a makeup inventory post coming up at the end of June, so I've got my sights set firmly on that, too.

It's my birthday this month

I'm not big on birthdays, never have been. It's not the idea of getting older that bothers me - why stress about the inevitable? - but rather the idea of another year having passed without having too much to show for it. I've never liked being the centre of attention either, but thankfully having kids has ensured this will never happen again. Ha. True dat.

While a lot has happened over the past few years - two pregnancies, two children, selling one house and buying another - in some ways that has paused my broader life so I'm not seeing growth in other areas. 

What did I write this year? What have I done towards the greater good? What changes have I made to make our lives a little better or easier? It's hard to answer these questions in a real, positive way when you have young children, and my birthday is always a reminder of this.

Still, what I do like about my birthday these days is that everyone tends to buy me Mecca gift cards because I don't want anything else, and since we don't have much disposable income at the moment, those Mecca dollars are something I look forward to each year. 

I'm already building a wishlist ; )

It's also my blog's birthday in June

Gosh I must have started this blog four years ago now, so looks like it's here to stay! I started it back on 20 June 2014 when I was in my first trimester of my first pregnancy, because I knew I would need something to write every day once the baby arrived.

The blog stayed. In many ways it's been my one real constant over the past few years, and I do look forward to its birthday each year so I can work out what's changed, what's improved and what still needs to get better.

I also look forward to having the 'clean slate' of a new blogging year so I can make some resolutions and work out how to make this a happy little corner of the internet where people can come and tune out for a while. 

Time to start thinking of the blogging year ahead.

In sum

That's all from me. Unsurprisingly most of my May positives are about looking forward to things in June, which makes sense because May has been stormy and I also have birthdays ahead to look forward to.

Indeed, due to June 30 being the end of the financial year, I always find that this month feels like the end of a year in the same way that Christmas does, so I tend to use it as an opportunity to face the rest of the year with new eyes.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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