Sukin Cream Cleanser - review


I bought this cleanser not long ago because I'd finished all my cream, balm and oil cleansers so I needed a product to replace them - which is why I was allowed to purchase this, even though I'm on a skincare no buy.

I'm happy to report that I like it, and I would absolutely recommend it if you're after a gentle cleanser for everyday use. Mind you, I wouldn't necessarily turn to this for makeup removal because it doesn't do the best job of that. For me, it's better to use this in the morning. More on that below.

Sukin claims/product details:

  • Our indulgent cream cleanser works to remove makeup, oil and dirt build-up on the skin
  • A blend of rosehip, avocado, sesame and wheat germ oils nourish and hydrate
  • An infusion of aloe vera, cocoa butter, nettle and horsetail leave skin feeling soothed, clean and refreshed
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin
  • Gluten free
  • To use: massage into the skin in a gentle circular motion; remove with cotton wool or a warm damp face cloth; use once or twice daily
  • RRP $9.95 AUD for 125ml, but do shop around


I like this product and I recommend it. Sure, it's not the most effective cleanser on the market, but there's absolutely a place for it in my routine and I'm enjoying using it.

It's a white cream with that familiar Sukin scent: it's a fresh, slightly sweet and natural smell, and it's not a strong fragrance so it shouldn't bother most people.

I use mine in the morning as my first cleanse. What I do is apply some to dry skin and leave it there for twenty minutes or so while I'm running around getting breakfast for the kids. Then I go back later and add water before removing it with a damp face cloth and applying my second cleanser.

I really like it for the morning spot because it's hydrating, so it works to keep my dry skin feeling comfortable and nourished until I have time to finish my routine and moisturise my face. Note, though, that it's not a super effective cleanser so I'd prefer to use this first and then go in with a more effective cleanser after I've used it.

On that, I've tried it for makeup removal and while it does remove some of my 'easier' makeup (like powder blush and bronzer etc), it doesn't remove my tinted moisturiser completely and it also doesn't stand a chance again things like mascara and eyeliner, so if you need an effective makeup remover, then I wouldn't use this.

I also don't think that it removes grime and dirt very well. For example, I just applied greasy sunscreen and went to wash my hands afterwards with this, and although my hands don't feel super greasy anymore, I can still feel some of the sunscreen (and also smell it) on my hands, so the cleanser obviously wasn't able to deal with the residue properly.

What I do like about this product, however, is that it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished after use. I also like that it's gentle on the skin, and my pH strips tell me that it has a pH of around six - so it's not too alkaline and I agree that it should suit sensitive skin.

Overall I like this cleanser and I recommend it. Sure it's not super effective, but there's a place for it in my collection and I'm enjoying it in the morning spot. It's also reasonably priced and I bought mine at 50% off from Priceline, so it's worth shopping around and grabbing it for a steal.


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